Timeline and full provings listing

1982  Androctonus amoreuxii hebraeus (Israeli fat-tailed scorpion) ‘Androctonus’ ‘Scorpion’

1989  Hydrogen

1989  Chocolate

1991  Brassica napus (Rapeseed) ‘Brassica’

1992  Brassica napus (Rapeseed) ‘Brassica’ [a re-proving]

1992  Germanium metallicum (Germanium)

1993  Neon

1994  Adamas (Diamond)

1994  Iridium metallicum (Iridium)

1995  Haliaeetus leucocephalus (American bald eagle) ‘Haliaeetus’ ‘Eagle’ ‘Eagle’s blood’

1995  Plutonium nitricum (Plutonium nitrate)

1995  Helium

1995  Olea europaea (Olive)

1995  Taxus baccata (English yew) ‘Taxus’

1996  Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Pacific Chinook salmon) ‘Oncorhynchus’ ‘Salmon’

1997  Polaris (Pole Star) (The North Star)

1997  Phytolacca decandra (Poke root) ‘Phytolacca’

1998  Krypton

1998  Argon

1999  Gallium metallicum (Gallium)

1999  Jade

1999  Americium nitricum (Americium nitrate)

2000  Scandium metallicum (Scandium)

2000  Sapphire

2001  Cygnus cygnus (Whooper swan) ‘Cygnus’ ‘Swan’

2002  Calopterix splendens (Banded damselfly) ‘Calopteryx’ ‘Damselfly’

2003  Dama dama (Fallow deer)

2003  Ozonum (Ozone) [not for publication; part of a research project] 

2004  Triticum dicoccoides (Wild emmer) ‘Triticum’ ‘Original wheat’ [wild progenitor of food wheat]

2005  Punica granatum (Pomegranate)

2006  Populus canescens (Grey poplar)

2007  Zizania palustris (Northern wild rice) ‘Wild rice’

2008  Cryptococcus neoformans ‘Cryptococcus’ [an encapsulated yeast-like fungus]

2009  Hafnium metallicum (Hafnium)

2010  Californium muriaticum (Californium chloride) [an article, including a mini meditative proving]

2011  Adansonia digitata (African baobab) ‘Baobab’

2012  Xenon

2013  Bufo rana (Bufo bufo) (Common toad) (European toad) ’Bufo’ [a new proving]

2015  Mel (Honey)

2016  Tantalum metallicum (Tantalum)

2017  Amygdalus amarus (Bitter almond) ‘Amygdalus’ ‘Almond’ [extract of kernel]

2018  Kotelinum (Wailing wall)

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