How to Apply

If you are an experienced, qualified, practicing homeopath and you want to make a contribution, we would love you to join us! People travel from all over the world for this very rewarding experience. If you are available to volunteer with us for 3 months or more, please tell us about yourself. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

We ask you to come for at least three months so you will be able to assess your long-term results and improve your prescribing. It’s also of great help to us since you can help us manage our case load! Initially, you will be trained by Jeremy, Camilla or other volunteers at their clinics. During the first two weeks, they will teach you what you need to know to be able to take responsibility for your own patients.


This program is open to qualified practising homeopaths. It is important that you feel confident enough as a person, and as a homeopath, to be able to handle the clinics and life on your own once the initial training is over. We highly recommend that you come with a friend so you can work together, as it can be quite challenging and it’s helpful to have the support of a companion at times. Jeremy and Camilla will help as much as possible, but you’ll need to be self-sufficient as their hands are quite full! 

Passing-by Visit

Perhaps your destination is elsewhere, but you are passing by Tanzania for a couple of days? If this is the case you are very welcome to pop in and visit the project. If you would like to sit in for a day or two, this is a possibility. Please fill out this FORM and we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Feedback from Our Volunteers

Having had the opportunity to work alongside Jeremy and Camilla in Africa was a fantastic experience. They’ve poured their heart and soul into this epidemic and homeopathy has worked miracles. Their generosity in sharing and teaching the volunteers opened a whole new world for me.”
– Marina Braun

Spending a month in Tanzania working alongside Jeremy and Camilla not only changed the way I practice homeopathy; it changed the way I look at the world. I returned home seeing a bigger totality and the knowledge that, with enough desire, one person can move a mountain.”
– Sandi Kaplan

An incredible 3 months with HHA! To witness the huge improvement of health and well-being in the patients is both heartwarming and inspiring. Jeremy and Camilla are so generous with their knowledge and their wonderful welcome into the project.”
– Jane Davy

Having recently returned from my second tour working with HHA in Tanzania, I can only urge all homeopaths to grasp this opportunity with both hands. If there is any way that you can afford the time and the money to join this organisation for a few weeks or months, then you must do it. No words can adequately describe the experience.
If in doubt, close your eyes and imagine yourself transported into a world where homeopathy is afforded the respect it deserves; where the people are eager to learn and experience its wonders; where the team in which you work is passionate and strong. Imagine how you will feel as your knowledge is increased, enhanced and consolidated. This is the reality of working with HHA in Tanzania. My aim is to return year after year.”

– Lulu Badger

Our Volunteers

We would like to extend a special thank you to all our volunteers for their priceless contributions to our efforts. They include:

Sandy Hudson, Ireland
Kirsi Pykalisto, Finland
Megan Randall-Davies, Finland
Tuija Kokko, Finland
Helene Gati, Switzerland
Jane Davy, Ireland
Anna Rosenkvist, Sweden
Clara Rus, Holland
Chie Arai, Japan
Valerio Selva, Italy
Michelle Pickering, USA
Marina Braun, USA
Amy Rozen USA
Eric Pettigrew, USA
Sandi Kaplan, USA
Naomi Jones, UK
Cynthia Moyano, Argentina
Lorraine Findlay, UK
Lulu Badger, UK
Maki Yoshikawa, Japan
Chie Arai, Japan
Rebecca Stirrup, New Zealand
Tineke Verkade, New Zealand
Tina Quirk, USA
Helen Cockbill, UK
Louise Webster, Australia
Vivien Freund, UK
Noam Bar, Israel
Jean Lafouillade, France
Hadas Shemesh-Strausberg
Rene Stanley, USA

…and many more!

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