About us

In a small market town at the foot of stunningly beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania our small homoeopathic non-profit, Homoeopathy for Health in Africa, is making a very big difference. Since 2008, we have been modelling a new approach that is spreading far and wide. We have worked with over 20,000 people living with HIV/AIDS.

We use our expertise and sophisticated homoeopathic software programs to find the best remedy in each individual case. In addition to our permanent clinic, we work alongside doctors and nurses in two Tanzanian hospitals and we run 16 rural outreach clinics throughout the Kilimanjaro region. This includes remote Maasai lands where there is no access to medical treatment.  We are able to do this thanks to the support of friends like you and the dedication of our small permanent staff,  and student interns from all over the world.

In addition to offering homoeopathic healthcare we run many different projects such as offering food parcels, nutritional supplements and second hand eye glasses.

We are proud to help support sending children to school via our sister organisation AIIM – read about Junior’s story here


  • To relieve the suffering of those with HIV/AIDS Africa using classical homoeopathy
  • To spread homoeopathy throughout Tanzania and Africa


  • Identifying the homoeopathic remedies most successful in treating HIV/AIDS
  • Educating local medical practitioners and community workers in homoeopathy
  • Producing ethical research to demonstrate the efficacy of homoeopathy
  • Raising homoeopathic awareness through media


To integrate homeopathic medicine into existing healthcare systems in Africa…


HHA practitioners always advise patients to continue taking ARVs and never interfere with conventional medical treatment. Homoeopathy works in an integrated and complementary way with conventional medicine. We work closely with local doctors and nurses who refer many patients to HHA