Donation Forms

  • Send a Child to School

    Send a Child to School

    As Michelle Obama said, “Mandela’s most important quote, of the millions of things he has said, is that education is probably the most powerful weapon for change.” Your monthly donation enable us to send a child to school, covering school costs, uniforms, shoes, books and pencils. A small amount can change a life. We are supporting Junior to go to school through our sister organisation AIIM- read his story here.

  • Give a Month of Food Parcels

    Give a Month of Food Parcels

    When people are too ill to work, they often can’t afford to eat and gradually get weaker. It’s vital that our most vulnerable patients get the nutritional support they need. Your monthly donation help us to buy locally grown, fresh produce and supplements to help those in need of it.

  • Treat a child with homeopathy

    Treat a child with homeopathy

    HHA treats mostly children and mothers at our permanent and outreach clinics, some of which are on Maasai tribal land, where there is no access to medicine and most of whom have been left to fend for themselves. Your monthly donation of just $5.00 will help us continue to improve the lives of these children and their mothers living with HIV/Aids.

  • Deaf School Project

    Deaf School Project

    HHA has treated children with hearing impairment at schools in both Tanzania and Kenya. Children who have profound hearing loss cannot hear vehicles approaching so even a small improvement in hearing can save lives. HHA has worked with a number of schools and seen promising results using homeopathy. HHA has supplied reflective armbands to children so they can be seen at night. This is what Jeremy has said about the school in Kenya: “They learn to dance by feeling the beat. They play football in the national deaf team.” HHA Is helping improve the lives of these children. Your donation will help save the school for the deaf!

  • Second Hand Reading Glasses

    Second Hand Reading Glasses

    Access to healthcare is limited for many of the patients we work with and so to be able to get reading glasses can be lifechanging for them. We collect, sort and distribute second-hand reading glasses when we go to clinics. We take supplies of glasses of different strengths for people to try, and sunglasses to the Albino clinics. To help us with this you can send low strength reading glasses (not prescription) to us in Moshi HHA/Sherr, P.O.Box 9530, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, or donate to help us gather and post glasses out to HHA, and run the administration of this.

  • Albino Project

    Albino Project

    We are happy to have started a new project with albino kids. Due to their extra sensitivity to sunlight, we are in need of sunhats, sunglasses and cotton gloves for their poor hands. Your monthly donation will help us care for these children in their day-to-day needs. Alternatively, you can send us donations of UVA/UVB sunglasses. Please send to: HHA/Sherr, P.O.Box 9536, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.