Thanks to the support of friends like you we’ve achieved so much. But there is still so much more that we can do. A little really does go a long way here and we appreciate anything you can give. Your donation is made easy through Paypal or by any major credit card.

Here is how you can be a part of this exciting project:


Monthly donations allow us to meet our ongoing commitments and plan for the future with confidence. 


A one-time contribution is also most welcome. All donations received help us serve more people in need. 


People have come up with all kinds of creative ways to raise money to support us. Monies you raise can be paid using the donation form below.


Please use this site to share our work with others, either in person or online. People have come up with all kinds of creative ways to raise money to support us, including: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, organising a tennis tournament, an art or photo exhibition, or collecting glasses, sunglasses and shoes. Your efforts and monies raised will be paid forward.

Share your fundraising stories by writing to us. Include where, when, who and how along with some fun images and we will feature it in our forthcoming newsletters. We hope you will be inspired and look forward to your collaboration.

Buy a #homeopathyrocks Bracelet
$30.00 one-time contribution 

These fabulous bracelets are locally hand crafted in Tanzania from recycled brass. This stunning piece of jewelry can be added to anyone’s collection with style and in turn you will be helping many people receive treatments through your donation. Shipping is included in the price for orders up to 5 bracelets.     One bracelet = 20 people treated with homeopathy

Buy a 2019 Dynamic Recipes for Life e-book
$10.00 one-time contribution

Our 2019 Dynamic Recipes for Life e-book makes an extra special addition to our HHA Gifts range with a focus on food, one of the most basic needs for life, and raising money to help support a good cause. This downloadable e-book of recipes was written by Kathryn Walker, a Dynamis graduate in 2012, who has kindly allowed us to reproduce her original book to continue to help HHA. Thank you Kathryn! 

Build an Integrated Medicine Centre
$200.00 one-time contribution 
$20.00 monthly donation

Our dream is to get land and build our own holistic health care centre. We want to offer our patients a new kind of centre – one that offers truly holistic care – with access to not only homeopathy, but also to offer nutritional advice, osteopathy, acupuncture, counselling, opticians, dentists, regular medicine, micro-finance and more. Our goal is to raise US$450,000 to make this dream come true and no amount is too big or small!

Your one-time contribution will help us to reach our target to purchase the land and build the centre.

Your monthly donations will help us to open and run the centre whilst being readily available to give our care and attention to those who need it – on a whole new level.

Build an HHA-clinic in Malawi
$150.00 one-time contribution 
$15.00 monthly donation

We have been teaching homeopathy in Malawi since 2013; please help us help them build a clinic!Your one-time contribution will help us to reach our target and build the clinic. Your monthly donations will help us to offer care readily available to all who need it.

Treat a child with homeopathy
$5.00 monthly donation

HHA treats mostly children and mothers at our permanent and outreach clinics, some of which are on Maasai tribal land, where there is no access to medicine and most of whom have been left to fend for themselves. 

Your donation of just $5.00 a month will help us continue to improve the lives of these children and their mothers living with HIV/Aids.

Albino Project
$10.00 monthly donation

We are happy to have started a new project with albino kids. Due to their extra sentivity to sunlight, we are in need of sunhats, sunglasses and cotton gloves for their poor hands. Your monthly donation will help us care for these children in their day-to-day needs. Alternatively, you can send us donations of UVA/UVB sunglasses. Please send to: HHA/Sherr, P.O.Box 9536, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Run a local outreach clinic for a day
$20.00 monthly donation

Not everyone can come to us, so we go to them. We have a total of 16 outreach clinics. Our extra costs include running vehicles, fuel and constant maintenance and repairs (the roads are rough!)

Your monthly donations helps us to stay mobile and available at our outreach clinics to give our attention equally to all who need it.

Send a child to school
$25.00 monthly donation

Even the First Lady is supporting education in Africa. As Michelle Obama said, “Mandela’s most important quote, of the millions of things he has said, is that education is probably the most powerful weapon for change.”

Your monthly donations enable us to send a child to school, covering school costs, uniforms, shoes, books and pencils. A small amount can change a life.

Give a month of food parcels
$40.00 monthly donation

When people are too ill to work, they often can’t afford to eat and gradually get weaker. It’s vital that our most vulnerable patients get the nutritional support they need.

Your monthly donations help us to buy locally grown, fresh produce and supplements to help those in need of it.

Fund a three-day Maasai Clinic
$130.00 monthly donation

Apart from our local outreach clinics we also visit many patients in the Maasai tribal lands. This involves a long, sometimes arduous journey, so we tend to go for three days at a time.

Your monthly donations help us to continue these outreach clinics to those with little or no medical care at all.

Sponsor a homeopathy student
$150.00 monthly donation

We already have two graduates of the 4Kenia School working with us, with more training now. Please consider sponsoring local people to study full time for a homeopathy degree.

Your monthly donations help us to support these students who in turn will continue our work to make a difference. 

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