Our vision is to build transferable skills and knowledge that remain far beyond an interns time with us

HHA internships are a unique, two-week learning opportunity for homoeopathy students and practitioners who wish to visit our project, attend clinics, and learn from our experience.

Next Internship August 14-25th, 2023

Clinic Visits

During an internship you’ll have the opportunity to visit many HHA clinics, including “outreach” and home visits. These sessions, will allow you to observe Jeremy Sherr, Camilla Sherr, or other HHA experienced staff, case taking.

The clinics are held in a variety of settings, from hospitals near Moshi to rural villages. If weather permits you may do a 2-day Maasai clinic. This involves staying overnight near the Maasai area.

Small Groups

Internship groups are a maximum of 5 students only. By keeping the group small it allows us to focus on the needs and level of each student, providing up to 70 hours of clinical experience.

HHA Internships include:

  • teaching at the clinics
  • one day seminar
  • HHA’s volunteer house accommodation
  • cleaning and laundry
  • transport to and from the airport
  • transport to and from clinics
  • day lunches

Please note the internship price does not include visa fees.

This is what Sonia has to say about her internship March 2023

The HHA internship was an eye opening experience. I  undertook real work in an intense environment, working with patients with cases unique to any of my previous homeopathic experience.

Jeremy and Camilla are great mentors, they were open to all questions, and provided helpful explanations and suggestions. My learning added years of knowledge in a relatively short time.

There were patients of all ages with various problems. Some had severe issues such as HIV, TB, genetic disorders, post-meningitis complications, diabetes, cardiologic  and endocrinologic problems. We were able to see first hand how homeopathy is used as a practical, simple and effective form of medicine, across a huge range of cases. The internship allowed us to see different places in Moshi, and travel to rural areas for clinics and home visits. It was a fast paced environment that I found I adjusted to quite quickly providing a unique way of learning. Its like  being an apprentice.

Dates 2023

August 14-25th, 2023. This internship program has a free weekend in which you can explore Moshi or book a safari.

For more information on dates and prices please email us

Bring a group and book early as each group consists of only 5 people.


Internships are facilitated by Jeremy and or Camilla Sherr and/or  our resident long-term volunteers or team members.

Our internship fees play a key role in sustaining the work of the project on the ground – running of 19 Outreach Clinics, two hospitals, our permanent Centre, employment of our Tanzanian Homoeopaths / Translators and the Teaching Programs in Tanzania & Malawi.

HHA treats over 12 000 people in the Kilimanjaro area on a regular basis.

Photograph of the 2022 Interns