This year we are running a one-week and a two-week internship program offering you a unique and extraordinary learning opportunity. If you are a homeopathy student, or practitioner, and would like to visit our project, attend clinics, and learn from our experience, this is for you. You will be sitting in with highly experienced members of our team. You will have the opportunity to visit all our clinics, including “outreach” and home visits. Our locations include a variety of settings, from hospitals in Moshi to Maasai villages and memorable rural landscapes where you may find yourself working truly in the outdoors, laptops on knees perched under a tree.

On each Internship we take a maximum of 6 students, which allows us to focus on the needs and level of each student, providing up to 35 hrs of clinical experience along with tutorship designed to suit the students’ level of experience. At the end of the week / two weeks you will receive a certificate noting the clinical hours you have attended.

Join Us
We need your support, our internships and volunteer programs are key to sustaining the project! In addition, our internship is an ideal opportunity to gain clinical hours and learn pathology. You will be in the hub of the project, experiencing the real Africa and homeopathy at the grass roots level.

Program Cost
One-week program: 12th – 16th August 2019 | Fee: US$745 
Two-week program: 29th July – 9th August 2019 or 12th – 23rd August 2019 | Fee: US$1,625

Included in these costs: secure accommodation, work-day lunches, tutorship and clinic experience. (Not included: transport from Kilimanjaro, Tansania, Tansanian visa or living expenses.)

How To Apply
If you are interested in our internship program, please send us an email with a brief description of your homeopathic study to date and your preferred dates.

Other Options
If you are a qualified practicing homeopath, we invite you to consider volunteering with us for a longer period. Or perhaps your destination is elsewhere, but you are passing by Tanzania for a couple of days? If you would like to visit and sit in for a day or two, this is also a possibility.

Two recent interns share their experiences:

Farewell Tanzania, the cradle of civilization and to HHA.
Becoming an ambassador for Homeopathy for Health in Africa and working under the tutelage of Jeremy and Camilla Sherr, Jane Davy and Lulu Badger has been, not only a privilege for us, but an eye opener and a most humbling experience.
Each day we would pack up the car, and with a couple of translators, head out to one of 16 outreach clinics, often through a cloud of dust, on rutted and pitted roads and around craters that would swallow a whole tire.
People here endure hardships that we couldn’t even fathom. Often, they are sitting in full sun, patiently waiting for our arrival. The aim of HHA is very simple – alleviate people’s suffering and bring them back to a level of health where they can live their lives with quality and dignity.
This is at no cost to the patient. HHA subsists on donations and on the goodwill of its volunteers. We are very proud to have been part of this experience and to have worked with true heroes. Ahsante sana!
| Lise Asselin Arsenault

Hello Camilla, How are you? Thank you and Jeremy so much for the privilege to experience HHA in full work. We have learned so much! Camilla, this was the best and most amazing experience in my life… Raw Homeopathy in full action! Thank you! I wish and hope to return to Moshi… to learn and to give back!
Thank you so much for everything! It has been a real privilege to learn from you, Jeremy and the team!
with kindness and gratitude
| Hannah Salom

2019 Student Internships with HHA

Monday, 29th July to Friday, 9th of August

Monday, 12th to Friday, 16th of August

Monday, 12th to Friday, 23rd of August

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