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Asante (thank you) for responding to last month’s Homeopathy for Health in Africa’s (HHA) Supporter Survey.

Your response was invaluable.

We greatly appreciate your taking the time to tell us what you like and would like from HHA’s communications. Your feedback will help shape HHA communications from now and into the future.

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In this newsletter, we’re eager to share updates on the March HHA internship program, and profiles of two remedies from the animal kingdom. 

One remedy has proven extremely useful in Tanzania and is quite a common prescription. While the other is more unusual, yet has given great results. 

As always we have case studies to share, some with great news, and some sad. This is the circle of life. As always your support makes an enormous difference to those in great need along the way. 

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HHA interns with Sister Ida and Camilla providing reading glasses to an elderly patient

Communicating about Homoeopathy

You unanimously expressed a desire for more detailed information on homoeopathy in the HHA Supporter Survey.

Public communication materials relating to homoeopathy are governed by therapeutic health legislation.  
HHA doesn’t name remedies when sharing case studies and instead profiles one or two remedies in each month’s newsletter. 

Patient privacy is an additional consideration in many cases, especially those related to AIDS. The use of photos and locations of the patient is restricted as a result. Even if a patient was comfortable to be identified so their story would help others, we won’t. 

This work is important, however, and we understand that by sharing this work other homoeopaths gain knowledge about AIDS and other epidemic diseases.

So we share case studies cautiously – protecting the privacy of the patient but in a way that can educate others. 

We hope this helps to give you an understanding of why the monthly newsletters don’t fully reveal everything. 

We’d love to hear your ideas about how we can better address these issues, or if you have any topics you’d like to hear more about.

Please contact us at info@homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org and let us know.

We’d love to hear from you. Many thanks again. 

Internship Program

In March we welcomed interns to the HHA Internship Program

HHA internships are a unique, two-week learning opportunity for homoeopathy students and practitioners who wish to visit our project, attend clinics, and learn from our experience. 

Though not a holiday of rest and luxury, an internship is one filled with incredibly rich experiences.

The interns, from South Africa, Israel, and Ireland, had the opportunity to participate in HHA outreach clinics (rural and Maasai clinics), and home and hospital visits.

These sessions allowed the interns to observe Jeremy and me as well as our other HHA experienced homoeopaths case taking. 

Cases taken and observed by the interns at the HHA permanent and outreach clinics ranged from HIV AIDS, active TB, coughs, fibroids, diabetes and high blood pressure. Common remedies like Gelsemium, Bryonia and Phosphorus were prescribed as well as some unusual ones like Ustilago.

Click here to get more information on the HHA Internship Program. 

Watch a video here of the HHA interns discussing cases they participated in during their outreach clinic experiences. 

Outreach clinics – including those in the Maasai tribal lands – are generously funded by our monthly donors, and are vital to areas that have little or no healthcare.

Maasai women collecting water

Remedy Profile – Lac Lupinum (wolf milk)
Who doesn’t love wolves?  

These majestic creatures are the perfect image of wild nature. They have interesting family relationships and are very protective. 

There are many interesting dreams in Lac Lupinum. They can include dreams of being strangled, dreams of being pursued, and dreams of being stabbed. 

Alternating sides is a clue for lac caninum and the lacs. 

See below for Jeremy’s repatriation rubric – Victim – delusion, she is looked down on.

Photo – By Mas3cf – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, see more here

HHA has a new lac proving available for those interested.  Lac Camelus Dromedari  is such an interesting remedy, and of course, a North African animal.

Case Study – Woman with Headaches

Ashya (not her real name), presented with left-sided headaches every day around noon.

Her headaches and vertigo started during pregnancy. After the birth, her vertigo stopped but the headaches continued and they now alternated from side to side.

She also had severe stomach pains, gas, and back pain. Terrible dreams plagued Ashya of being strangled, attacked with knives, and being chased.

Her husband’s relatives looked down on her and were trying to separate the couple. Ashya defended herself to her husband when her in-laws said bad things about her. 

After HHA prescribed her a remedy, Ashya said everything changed.  Her headaches disappeared as did her stomach problems.

Most remarkably, her husband now listens to her.

Jeremy’s reportisation rubic for Ashya

Tanzania is a patriarchal society where rural fathers are often absent, and the women work very, very hard.

The women are more often than not, the workers in the home and the field. If the husband decides to lay claim to the property or children, they have very few rights. 

It’s common for women to be single mothers whose older children leave to find work in urban areas. This leaves an aging (often ill) population of women to support young mothers and children. 

To help other Tanzanian women like Ashya, please click here

Remedy Profile – Salmon
The proving of Salmon took place in 1994 with no concept of the contribution that this remedy would bring to the treatment of AIDS in Africa, and its place in the genus epidemicus.

This has been part of HHA’s journey – that mastery and knowledge come together in ways we couldn’t imagine at the beginning.

Salmon is a tubercular remedy. We mentioned in last month’s newsletter featuring case studies of tuberculosis that it is, in effect, AIDS big sister – the two illnesses go hand in hand.

The Salmon cough symptoms are often overlooked because Salmon is such a hormonal remedy.  We have many cases of infertility, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, and all sorts of menstrual problems. However, many long-term coughs and chest problems have also been helped with this remedy.

The salmon returns home to the river where it was born, it goes up the river against the flow to spawn.

The salmon patient dreams of travel, rivers, oceans, swimming, drowning, of trying to go somewhere and not making it.  The idea of being with the flow or against the flow.

Photo: Creative Commons Image by Zureks – Chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

It has been a great surprise that Salmon has been so useful in the AIDS genus epidemicus. When we started Homoeopathy for Health in Africa, a prevalent view in homoeopathic circles was that local plants or animals would be beneficial and relevant.

Who could have anticipated that a fish, Pacific Chinook Salmon, or Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha, could prove so invaluable in Africa – a place so visually, climatically, and culturally different from where it originates.

Salmon has no connection to the dryness of East Africa and although there are many rivers in the region they are dry for many months of the year.  

It’s always fascinating to confirm that homeopathy works more on analogy than a direct connection, or more practical association.

The salmon is one of nature’s most captivating creatures. Its circular life journey seems to resemble the lives of many people in Africa.

Click here to find Jeremy’s salmon proving.

Chinook salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Case Study – Fibroids

Kurwa (not her real name) presented with multiple fibroids which were between 7-9cm long.  

Her menses were painful and profuse. 

She also experienced severe headaches with her period and her vision was affected.  

Five weeks after taking her remedy her menses and fibroid pain was gone. A hard, painful swelling she experienced was also gone as well as her bone pains.  

Two months later she was given another well-known sea creature remedy and her menses are very regular now. Another month on and her remedy was changed again to a psoric remedy to clear a few residual symptoms.

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An interesting choice of coloured scarf by this patient, considering the remedy she was prescribed.

Case Study – Breakdown of Immune System
Yosinta (not her real name), an AIDS patient, was referred to HHA by the local hospital.  

Her CD4 had dropped from 532 to 263, which meant she was not responding to her ARVs (antiretroviral drugs) and was in treatment failure. 

Her skin was in a terrible state with blistery vesicles which then dried out. The itch was horrible and her skin swelled from her vesicles.

Her weight had dropped from 48 kg to 40.5 kg, and her menses stopped. She had dim vision and gnawing pains in her epigastrium with nausea. 

She had tuberculosis last year and she’d been on medication for six months.

She had got a horrible feeling of heat inside as if she was boiling up.  She had bad dreams of having sex with someone that she does not know.

She had one pregnancy in the past which ended in a miscarriage, and she was distressed at the thought that she won’t have any children at all.

After starting homeopathy the itching skin and blisters disappeared and her skin healed over. The stomach pains and internal heat sensation dissipated, and her weight climbed to 47kg. 

Her overall health has improved and she feels hopeful that her menses will soon return.

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An HHA outreach clinic

Good with the Bad News

Finally, I have to say thank you to all our donors.

We have had a few tragic cases this month, but due to the support of HHA financial donors a family of children in dire need was supported.

Their mother died two weeks ago of tuberculosis (TB). She left behind a three-month-old baby and several other children in abject poverty. The grandparents (bibi and baba) are doing their best to care for them. 

Thanks to Sister Ida this family came to our attention.

Because of your support, they all received preventative remedies for TB and food parcels of Uji porridge.

I feel tearful even writing this and I thank you for your donations from the bottom of my heart. 

Without your ongoing support, none of this would’ve been possible. 

HHA’s Work is Done on Your Behalf

HHA’s work is only possible because of wonderful supporters like you who purchase, donate, share emails and social media, complete our surveys or spread the word. 

We greatly value your time, compassion, and support. We can tell you from the results we see here in Tanzania, you truly are making a big difference in the world. 

Thank you. 

Warmest Regards 
Camilla Sherr 

P.S.  HHA has another Internship opportunity from 14-25th August 2023

These internships are incredibly rewarding experiences and a wonderfully rich way to gain valuable clinical hours.

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