August’s Newsletter


You may have noticed we’ve recently had a break from our monthly newsletter. As a non profit with largely volunteer based human resources, we have to do what we can when we can, and when we can’t, we can’t. 

We’re glad to be active again and bringing you updates from Tanzania. 

This month we welcomed our interns from Italy and USA.

The Homeopathy for Health (HHA) Internship is a two-week learning opportunity that also gives an authentic African experience you would never get on a holiday, or in a clinic at home.

Our interns visit villages, meet people and patients, become part of our team and really enjoy the flavour of Africa right here at a grassroots level.

HHA Interns

Taking cases live with Jeremy and Camilla is amazing. They are world class homœopaths and great teachers.

This year our interns are all experienced homœopaths but the learning experience has been exponential. ‘We have seen some wonderful cases and really benefited from Jeremy and Camilla’s extraordinary teaching.’

Our interns have contributed to the health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable people in the world. This is an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime!

Make a Difference to Someone’s Life

HHA’s work is only possible because of wonderful supporters like you who make such a difference to our patients’ lives.

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This week alone we have visited five outreach clinics. This is one of our most remote clinics in the Maasai tribal lands.

An Interesting Case

This man came to our outreach clinic with low blood pressure and  dizziness, like he is drunk, which is worse when walking uphill. (here on the Kilimanjaro, everyone walks uphill!)   LHS head pain for several years and pain in his teeth.  He takes a lot of painkillers. Many worries.  He has 11 grandchildren living with him  who really annoy and disturb him. He is very angry with his children for leaving the grandchildren with him and with his wife for encouraging this.

He has a deep voice, is animated and loquacious.

This case is centred around opposition – he is weak with low BP and vertigo  but he is  also strong- his voice and animation.

Kola is both strong and weak. Kola’s affinity is circulation. It is a stimulant. Kola folk are  hardworking and energetic – remember Kola is used for climbing mountains.   Also Kola can be used for drinkers and also for neurasthenia or a nervous exhaustion and weakness. Kola also has issues with cardiac rhythm or a  weak heart.  

Rajan Sankaran says Kola has a noticeable dislike of loved ones getting too close.   ‘I take what I need then withdraw.  I would like to get aggressive to the children, who irritate me in the extreme.  Put them outside, in the rain.   I demonstrated my superiority and power.’

It’s a Type A remedy with too much stress and also the opposite- burnt out. A nice little contradiction to notice – He has no blood in his head (low BP) and yet wears a red hat!

A Poignant Day

However, our most poignant day this week was at a school clinic. The children here have been rescued from terrible situations and all suffer from trauma, abusive family environments or other traumatic circumstances.  Homeopathy helps them to let go of their trauma. We prescribed remedies such as Opium, Stramonium, Thuja and Eagle. 

Would you be willing to make a small monthly donation to give a better future to kids like these?

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Our consultations and remedies make a difference.  $25 pays for 2 consultations, remedies and our transport to these remote locations. These kids need several consultations over a year to make a difference to their lives.  We come every single week at present as there are so many kids who need our  help.

Each of us has the potential to make a huge difference to the life of another person, no matter where we live. 

The wonderful part is when we give value to someone else’s life, we find meaning for our own.

Warmest Regards 

Camilla Sherr 


For as little as $25 a month, you can provide:

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