August’s Newsletter

Jambo from Tanzania! 

Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) will be welcoming a new group of interns in two weeks, so it seems like a good time to update you on the many things happening here.

Due to the ongoing generosity of HHA donors, a house for a family in desperate need is nearing completion, and outreach clinics have continued to provide healthcare in the remote Maasai lands.

What becomes possible, due to the spirit of human kindness, never ceases to amaze us.

Mweka House

HHA donors, large and small, have made the Mweka house project a reality.

In early 2022 HHA started construction on a new house for a multigenerational family of eight living in dire conditions – with multiple, complex health issues.

The house, now nearing completion, has a solid foundation, glass windows, a waterproof tin roof, a concrete floor, and a small separate toilet building.

Individuals who give to HHA also provide ‘life’s necessities’ to this family (and many others). This program provides beds, mattresses, blankets, and food money to those who are in need.

(You may remember the July newsletter mentioned the importance of having the basics of life to help prevent illnesses from returning and persisting.)

Having a dry, warm home along with medical care and the basics of life, will greatly improve the health and well-being of this family.

Mweka – New House
Mweka – Old House

Maasai Outreach Clinic

Monthly donors kept HHA’s outreach team mobile and able to provide clinics in Maasai tribal lands during June and July.

These regular donations cover fuel, vehicle maintenance and repairs (the roads are rough), homeopathic remedies, and local staff wages, including a translator.

HHA staff travel for 2-3 days to this area, which is an arduous journey with many challenges. 

Understanding the local culture can be crucial to identifying an underlying issue in a case.

A Maasai woman presented to a clinic experiencing stomach pains, nausea, high blood pressure, body aches, anger, and depression. 

She recently had her cattle stolen, which is a serious problem as the traditional Maasai diet consists mainly of milk, beef, fat, and blood (for salt intake).

The HHA homeopaths correctly identified the woman’s devastation at her loss and prescribed Aurum 12c daily for 3 weeks. The remedy delivered a remarkable recovery.

Clinics in these remote areas are vital since medical care is scarce or non-existent.

Maasai woman whose cattle were stolen


The soon-to-arrive interns (homeopathic practitioners and students) are the first to arrive since COVID, and it’s wonderful to have them again.

With travel restrictions easing, interns will be coming from the Netherlands, France, and USA.

The visiting interns have the opportunity to work alongside Jeremy and myself during many clinic and home visits. A variety of settings will be visited, including hospitals near Moshi, rural villages, and possibly even the remote Maasai outreach clinics.

To find out more about HHA’s intern program click here.

In next month’s newsletter we’ll share stories about the interns’ experiences with you.

Warmest Regards

Camilla Sherr

P.S. If you’re someone who wants to make a difference to the future of homeopathy, and the health of some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens, please support HHA programs by giving here.