December’s Newsletter


December is upon us as we prepare for the holiday season here in Tanzania.  We are eager to share our latest news and cases.

Update on our Children’s Trauma Clinic and a case of Nitric Acid

Holiday Gift Boxes

We are delighted to report that our holiday gift boxes are happening! So far we have sold  92 boxes, replete with nutricious Uji Porridge and delicious local honey.  HHA aims to provide 150 boxes to families in need over the holiday season.

I am sure many of you remember our successful campaign last year and we would like to be able to provide for hungry families again. 

When you gift a $30 USD Holiday Gift Box you bring joy to your friends and family – by gifting on their behalf – without adding stress to our planet or surplus to their homes.  You receive a Christmas Gift Ecard to send to your nominated giver. 

These food parcels feed some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens – orphans, elderly, and single-parent families,  and provide much-needed healthcare.

Each Gift Box comes with:

  • 5kg Uji Porridge
  • 1x 450g jar of local honey (full of anti-oxidants)

HHA homeopathic health care (consultation and 2 x remedies) for two people, over two months

HHA Holiday Gift Box – Uji porridge, honey and homeopathic remedies.

Health care is more than just medicine. 

Uji porridge is a Tanzanian recipe full of goodness with nutritious grains, seeds and nuts, dried green vegetables, and yellow sweet potato – all ingredients are sourced locally.

By purchasing an HHA Holiday Gift Box for someone, you gift them the opportunity to change a life, or maybe even save one. 

Purchase here.
( scroll down to the bottom of the purchase page to select the number of boxes to add to your shopping cart.)

The HHA New Education Program

As we reach the end of 2023 we are already looking ahead. Education has always been a key to the sustainability of our project. Now we are ready to take it to the next level impacting even more lives. We plan to train many more local people who will  provide community health in new locations and remote areas. Our goal is 40 people! Our track record in the Maasai Tribal lands showcases the transformational power of education and community based health!  We are very excited!  More information in our next newsletter and its wonderful to have goals for 2024. 

Photo- teaching Maasai community leaders.

Update on our School Trauma Clinic

We continue to see amazing results at our school clinic as more children come back for follow up  appointments.  

Photo: painted hands on the wall of the school yard

Boy 6 years old

We have a little boy who we have been struggling to help. He is only 6 years old but he has a traumatic life story.  His mother had severe mental health issues which left him very vulnerable. He has been at the school since he was a baby.  He is incontinent and  dribbles urine constantly and always smells of urine. 

His penis was very small and on further examination by medical staff  it became evident it was retracted.  At this stage we did not know if it was a congenital deformity.  Doctors felt he may have to have surgery. 

He has behaviour problems and is often naughty. He takes revenge on people who anger him.  Recently, he put a nail in the tire of a visitor’s car. He starts fights and will never admit he has done anything wrong. 

We have helped him with his cough and lack of appetite with two different remedies over a few months but hadn’t been able to help with the incontinence.  

A month ago he developed a new symptom and this led us to an excellent prescription. He had a blister on the tip of his penis. Homœopathy is wonderful!  Last week the dribbling is less and the penis is no longer retracted.  Everyone is delighted for this little boy. 

Case of a young man

Another interesting case is a 20 year old young man who has been expelled from two schools for violent behavior.   He attacked a teacher and an askari (security guard).

He has returned to this school as he has nowhere else to go and he attended the school when younger.  He is angry and sullen all the time.   He has stomach issues.  He has major abuse in his background and an alcoholic mother.   During the consultation he had to leave the room as his mouth was so full of saliva he needed to spit it out.   You can imagine which remedy he was given! 

Feedback has been prompt in the first month.  He has started to relate to people and has been smiling.  The teachers say he has never smiled before.  This is such a major breakthrough for this young man.   His stomach has also improved. 

To you, our wonderful supporters, 2023 is coming to a close, and thank you for helping us keep our project thriving!

We wish you and your families and friends a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to new horizons in 2024. Warmest Regards,

 Rebecca Stirrup and Camilla Sherr

P.S. Purchase Holiday Gift Boxes here.