February’s Newsletter

Habari and shikamoo 
(greeting in Swahili)

Despite the January and February heat, our clinics at Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) have remained busy, and HHA programs are in high demand.

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HHA Home Visit Programs are becoming increasingly popular as word of mouth spreads about the service via local community leaders.

One such leader is Sister Ida.

She’s a tireless seventy-year-old, who supports her community in many ways, including advocating for homoeopathy. 

With leaders like Sister Ida, the future of homoeopathy is in good hands.

Home Visit Program

HHA’s Home Visit Program assists people in need who cannot get to an HHA outreach clinic.

The program has expanded over the last two years, and patients are typically very old, have suffered strokes, or are unable to walk. 

Several patients are permanently bedridden due to paralysis – many of them young men – and this service is life-changing for them.

Whenever possible, HHA helps people in need regardless of their location.

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HHA home visit – Sister Ida, Liz & Anita

A Case of Optimism and Home Delivered Care

Over the past eighteen months, HHA has been visiting Jamal (not his real name) at home.

He lives high up on Kilimanjaro; it’s a beautiful but hard-to-access area. There are no services here at all, and HHA is one of Jamal’s few visitors.

Jamal broke his back when a tree fell on him eight years ago. His resilience and cheerfulness never cease to amaze HHA staff.

Despite his dire circumstances, Jamal remains steadfastly optimistic that things will get better.  

Jamal, now able to sit up and move wrists

He relies on his brother to get him out of bed and into his wheelchair each day.  He is now able to sit in his chair for up to six hours a day – before he felt too weak and would get dizzy and breathless.

Jamal’s chair isn’t easy to maneuver, but it allows him to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

He says his voice is stronger now, and people can hear him more easily when he calls out.  Before the remedy, his voice was very weak. 

Now he’s feeling stronger he can prop himself up, and move his wrists. This small improvement has been life-changing for Jamal

Previously he had overall numbness, but this has reduced, and he has some feeling in his back now.

Significantly,  his stomach, digestion and bowel motions are almost normal. This is a dramatic improvement and makes a big difference to his daily care.

Jamal is a great example of the importance of both HHA’s Home Visit Program and Life’s Necessities Program.

 On behalf of HHA Program Partners, HHA has provided Jamal with homoeopathic consultations, remedies, food parcels and repair of the leaking roof above his bed.

Become an HHA Program Partner

Here in Tanzania, chronic health issues are common. Many areas lack basic healthcare, let alone ongoing care, and accidents and injuries are common.

HHA Home Visit Program (and other HHA programs) is funded by HHA Program Partners who give monthly donations.

As an HHA Program Partner you provide consistent and ongoing care to patients. It can’t be overstated what a difference you make to someone’s life like Jamal’s.

As little as $25 USD a month, ensures patients with chronic conditions receive; ongoing monthly homoeopathic consultations, remedies and basic life’s necessities for good health. 

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 Jamal’s wheelchair


Plumbum is an amazing remedy for paralysis and numbness, especially after strokes and also after neurological damage.

Plumbum has weakness, trembling, and atrophy of paralysed muscles. It can also have quite severe constipation. HHA has several patients over the years who’ve done very well on Plumbum. 

HHA prescribes Plumbum 30c twice a week for many of these people who suffer paralysis for a variety of reasons. 

Quality of Life Improvement

Salfatah (not his real name) – a long-term AIDS patient of HHA – has been paralyzed from the waist down for fifteen years.

When HHA first visited him he was lying in bed, unable to move as he was so weak.  Over the years he has had a number of different remedies.

Over time his quality of life has greatly improved as he’s strengthened and become healthier.

Although he still can’t walk, he can now sit, feed himself and do his own washing. His trembling has stopped, he can stand if supported, pull himself around on ropes, and his speech has improved. Understandably he longs to walk again.

Salfatah is always appreciative of HHA staff visits.

Accessing Patients

Getting to patients on home visits can be very interesting to say the least.

HHA staff visit many remote locations where four-wheel drive, or on foot are the only way to get to patients.

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HHA home visit – Sister Ida & Rebecca

Sister Ida – The Angel of Mweka

Last month we talked about our recycling angel of Moshi, well Sister Ida is the angel of Mweka.

Mweka is a small village high up on Kilimanjaro.

Sister Ida was born there and has dedicated her life to her community. She knows EVERYONE, and she gives endlessly and selflessly to them.

Despite retiring, Sister Ida (a qualified Family Therapist) is  busier than ever.

Now in her seventies, she’s a role model of compassion – every day visiting those in need.  

Sister Ida helps distribute food to the hungry, counsels those in grief or distress, and hosts fortnightly HHA outreach clinics in her own home.

Sister Ida

Sister Ida Helps Expand HHA Home Visits Program

HHA currently attends approximately twenty regular home visits – providing people with food, remedies, basic living necessities and support.

Sister Ida’s local knowledge – who can’t get to an outreach clinic, and who is in greatest need – is invaluable to HHA staff.

Healthcare is More than Medicine

Healthcare is so much more than medicine.

It’s also

  • people on the ground to help those in need
  • basic food
  • clean, dry bedding
  • vehicles to transport patients

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Keeping Sister Ida Moving

Last year Sister Ida’s small four-wheel-drive truck broke down. HHA has committed to fix the truck, to keep Sister Ida mobile for the sake of her community. 

She transports patients to the HHA clinic or the hospital in Moshi. Her vehicle is, at times, the difference between life and death for her remote community.

All communities everywhere in the world should be so lucky to have such a leader.

Her dedication to other’s health and wellbeing – including through the use of homeopathy – is nothing short of inspiring. 

Baby at HHA home visit

HHA’s Work is Done on Your Behalf

A monthly newsletter is one way we share stories with you about homoeopathy.

HHA’s work is only possible because of wonderful supporters like you who purchase, donate, share emails and social media, or spread the word.

With your continuing support, HHA is able to carry on the good work on behalf of you and other HHA supporters.

We greatly value your compassion and support. It really does make a difference.

Warmest Regards

Camilla Sherr

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