January’s Newsletter

heri ya mwaka mpya

(Happy New Year)

January is a good time to reflect on what’s been accomplished over the last year and consider what initiatives Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) aims to nurture and grow.

Some say it must be hard helping people in great need every day. But the truth is the hardest thing is not being able to help at all.

This is why your support makes all the difference.


We knew HHA had loyal supporters, but your amazing response to the Holiday Gift Box appeal blew us away.

Because of you 402 families in need will receive: (in total)

402 packages of extra food

804 bottles of homoeopathic remedies

804 homoeopathic consultations

The difference you’ve made to these families cannot be overstated. Many have HIV AIDS, or other health issues large and small.

HHA will continue to distribute these parcels to families throughout the New Year.

On behalf of them and us, THANK YOU.

Sustainable Lives Program

A new HHA initiative, ‘Sustainable Lives Program’, empowers Tanzanian women to run independent businesses.

When Tanzanian women have an income, they have food on the table and hope for their, and their children’s future. This has a roll on effect to their health.

Due to your ongoing generous support all three HHA Tanzanian homoeopaths are financially independent women who support themselves and their families.

This is a rare thing in Tanzania where jobs are scarce.

Tanzania has a high level of widows, orphans and single parents due to HIV AIDS. Without an income, life here is incredibly difficult.

Angel of Recycling

HHA first met Angel in 2010. We were treating her father Romani who had serious ongoing health issues, and he was living in poverty.

When we visited Romani every six weeks or so – to replenish his remedies and supply him with food parcels – he was always cheerful despite his illness and living conditions.

Two years ago Angel, with ongoing health issues of her own, gave up her business in central Tanzania to care for her father which she continued to do until his death.

When Romani died his two adult children and grandchild were left with few resources.

Angel decided to restart the business to provide an income for herself and her daughter.

You see Angel is a recycling genius, who has a great deal of knowledge about the scrap metal business.  She collects scrap copper, brass, aluminum, and other metals, which are readily available in Central Tanzania.

Having known Angel for over twelve years, and witnessing her initiative and drive,  HHA invited her to apply for a micro loan.

Angel and her daughter

Angel presented a thorough business plan, in which she requested one million Tanzanian shillings ($500 USD) as a seed loan to relaunch her business. She explained how she’ll repay the loan over a six to eight month period, in 200,000 Tanzanian shilling installments, as she buys and sells metals.

The HHA Sustainable Lives Program helps women like Angel, help themselves.

We’ll keep you updated on her progress and share some pictures with you.

Remedy Profile – Californium Muriaticum

AIDS is characterised by the destruction of the immune system, specifically CD4 T helper cells that protect us from infection. We rely on them as the tip of our defensive spear.

Jeremy considered what natural substance could cause such an effect. He concluded a radioactive element – heavy and destructive – is the only one capable of causing such mutilation to white blood cells.

A therapeutic link between radioactivity and AIDS is not new, so in 2009 Jeremy obtained one of the few radioactive remedies – Californium Muriaticum – from Helios Pharmacy, and began treating AIDS patients with it. Results were excellent, especially in patients who had already exhausted all antiretroviral treatment options.

He went on to do a mini proving on it – he has done full provings of other radioactive substances eg. plutonium nitricum – the provings and articles can be purchased here.

People who benefit from Californium Muriaticum have a positive attitude, which contrasts sharply with their severe illness and poverty. Animated, engaged, and seeking a connection (similar to phosphorus), they want to be your friend. They’re cheerful despite being obviously sick, and say they feel very positive about life.

You will also see the opposite picture too, sad or resentful of the situation they’re in, there may be resentment and disappointment over opportunities lost. If only I had the opportunities other people had I could have achieved greatness.

There are dreams of being pursued by wild animals. Dreams of receiving gifts, of parties and big gatherings.

We have also seen Californium Muriaticum work well in menstrual and respiratory problems, neuropathy, memory loss, weight loss, skin and itching, low energy and deficient immunity.

Correction to HHA October 2022 newsletter.

Here at HHA we’re human. This means, on the odd occasion, a mistake is made. Rest assured we’ll always right any wrongs once we’re aware of them.

In the HHA October 2022 newsletter it was stated that a stroke patient had right side paralysis and affected speech. While the patient actually had left sided paralysis and high blood pressure.

2023 Internship Program

Just a quick reminder that the next HHA Internship Program is in March 06-16th.

Included as part of the March program is a weekend yoga retreat, held at the gorgeous Maasai Lodge.

The Lodge is in beautiful landscaped grounds, and owned and operated by the local Maasai. It’s environmentally friendly, sustainable, you can see wildlife in their natural habitat, and the food is delicious. See here for details.

Intern Program yoga retreat will be held at Maasai Lodge

Interns and HHA staff alike gain from the internship program – the mutual sharing of experiences, from different corners of the world, helps to keep homeopathy alive.

The HHA internship was a gift – working with such experienced homoeopaths, learning to analyse cases quickly, deeply, and effectively, and seeing Tanzanian communities benefit from homoeopathy.

I was thankful to see that good work is being done in the world.

 – Rachael (Washington DC -USA)

To find out more about HHA’s intern program click here.

The Maasai Lodge is surrounded by dramatic landscapes.

Ready for 2023

We had a lovely break here in Tanzania over the holiday season. Now, along with HHA’s wonderful staff, we are relaxed and ready to tackle the new year .

With your continuing support, HHA is able to carry on the good work on behalf of you and other HHA supporters in 2023.

Warmest regards

Camilla Sherr

P.S.  For those who are new to homoeopathy I have a new course in agrihomoeopathy –  homoeopathy for gardens and plants.  

Join me to learn how homoeopathy offers safe, chemical free solutions for gardening anywhere in the world.

You’ll learn about:

soil and seeds

plant diseases

plant pests and insects

This is a series of four, one hour weekly webinars. Sessions are live and recordings will be available for 6 months.

The first session is FREE – 7pm GMT Tuesday 21st March.

Book here

P.P.S. If you’re someone who wants to make a difference to the future of homoeopathy, and the health of some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens, please support HHA programs.