March’s Newsletter

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It’s always exciting when a new group of Homoeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) interns arrive.

Welcome to our new interns Sonya, Amy and Jennie, who have arrived to very hot Tanzanian weather. 

They’ll be assisting Jeremy, myself and HHA staff with case taking and analysis at the HHA Moshi clinic, as well as many outreach clinics. 

As part of their internship, they’ll learn about typical health issues in Tanzania, and will find out quickly that tuberculosis (TB) is one of them. 

TB is quite prevalent in Africa, and many AIDS patients have a history of TB or even active TB.

We’re pleased to report that recently several children with TB had excellent results from homoeopathic treatment provided by HHA supporters. 
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HHA interns Sonya, Amy and Jennie
Tuberculosis and AIDS have a strong association.
TB is a disease of emaciation – which is why it was known as consumption in the 19th century – it literally consumes the body.

Tuberculosis is much more infective than AIDS. It’s also the leading cause of death amongst AIDS patients in Africa, and intervention with homeopathic treatment is invaluable. 

Tuberculosis Symptoms
Typical symptoms include, ‘I’m suffering from: a cough, chest pain, night sweats, frequent infections and I’m losing weight.’ 
HHA has treated several patients with a history of TB whose health has never fully recovered.

AIDS patients decline gradually with a variety of chronic complaints, and TB is often in the mix.  
There may be symptoms of numbness, which is a very common side effect of AIDS and the anti retroviral drugs (ARVs).

Joint pains from prolonged hard work are also common.

This is especially so for women who work in the fields. They carry bananas and other crops to market on their heads, and are also responsible for both children and the elderly.

It’s a heavy load for one person, both physically and emotionally. 
In Tanzania, there are many women who have lost multiple children and their husbands. There is no wonder so many people here suffer prolonged grief.

Tuberculosis Case Studies
Augustina 30 years (not her real name and no photo can be provided to preserve her privacy)
Augustina has been on ARVs for AIDS since 2010 and she has a history of TB.  
Unfortunately for the last two years she has failed to respond to the ARVs and has gone into treatment failure – her CD4 count is low and dropping.
Augustina suffers from frequent colds, her chest is weak and tight, and her energy is low. She has an irritating cough, and her respiration is poor especially when walking or even from slight exertion – it’s almost impossible for her to work in the fields anymore. Her vison is poor which is also common with AIDS. 
Augustina is grieving the death of her sister from a few months ago. To make matters worse, she was also dependant on her sister for food and clothes. 
Three weeks after her first treatment, Augustina returned to the HHA clinic saying the prescribed remedy had helped a lot – her appetite had returned, her cough lessened and her breathing had improved. 
After two months, Augustina said her body felt stronger – six months later her CD4 count was up for the first time in more than two years.

Because of HHA supporter generosity, her health has been restored.
To help other Tanzanian women like Augustina, please click here. 
Jeremy case taking
Victoria – Woman in her 50’s
Victoria (not her real name) presented to an HHA clinic with difficulty breathing and a very productive cough that was worse at night – she had thick yellow mucous and felt ill continuously.  She also had numbness in the soles of her feet. 
With a history of TB she had been unwell for many years. Her energy was low, and she often cried from anger and frustration about her situation
Over her first two visits to an HHA clinic Victoria received a remedy that helped her a lot. She felt much stronger physically, and her cough and mucous lessened.
She now tells us more about how she feels, expressing deep sadness for her mother who died a year ago – they were very close.
Interestingly, she laughs as she speaks of her grief. Saying, ‘It’s like it’s the final straw,’ – having lost two children previously.
The heavy grief combined with numbness and the history of TB all lead to a remedy that helped Victoria noticeably.  By January she said she was feeling much better.

The numbness has almost gone and she feels happier in herself – the same remedy was repeated.    

HHA works hard to prescribe the right remedy to patients like Victoria, on behalf of HHA supporters like you.

Your contribution, really does improve lives here in Tanzania.
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Boy aged 7 with active TB
A little boy called Frank (not his real name) presented at HHA’s hospital clinic.
He weighed only 16kg and was truly emaciated, and his fontanelle was still open. He suffered from night sweats and had an exhausting cough.
He was prescribed a remedy at a 12c daily dose.
HHA saw Frank last week and he now weighs 25kg – quite a dramatic weight gain.  His appetite has increased, his cough has gone and he feels much better.

Understandably, his mother is relieved.

Children and women make up the majority of HHA patients.

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Frank with his mother
Perceiving what is to be cured
There is so much prolonged grief and a struggle for resources (such as food and money) in Tanzania. Due to this Causticum is a common remedy, but it’s not a routine prescription. 
The right remedy, at the right time, really helps improve a person’s health and well-being in the long-term. 
Causticum is in the genus for AIDS and repertorises often for this disease.

It’s important to note that Causticum has a tubercular element as well.
Causticum patients tend to present with noticeable weakness and fatigue – they are burnt out of resources – and can appear prematurely old or weak.
Update on Sister Ida’s 4WD
In last month’s newsletter we told you about the wonderful leadership Sister Ida provides to homoeopathy, and her community.

Twice a month, she offers her house as an outreach clinic for HHA, and her 4WD is the only way her community can get to HHA clinics or hospitals.

Last month her 4WD broke down, but due to the generous contributions from HHA supporters, her vehicle has been fixed. So Sister Ida is back in action, assisting her community with their healthcare needs once again. 

On behalf of Sister Ida and her community, thank you.
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P.S. Next month’s newsletter will have updates on the interns’ experiences working with HHA staff here in Tanzania.
HHA has another Internship opportunity from 14-25th August, 2023. 

These internships are an incredibly rewarding experience, working alongside Jeremy, myself and other HHA homoeopaths at our permanent clinic in Moshi and outreach clinics.

It’s a wonderfully rich way to gain valuable clinical hours.
As a monthly contributor, you make an enormous difference to the lives of people like Augustina, Victoria and Frank.

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