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When Jeremy and I first came to Tanzania in 2009 we had no idea how much this country would change our lives.
As much as we thought we were coming to give, it turns out Tanzania has given us more in return.
It’s easy for people on the outside looking in to view nonprofit and charity organisations as saviours for those with ‘less than’ what we consider is required for health and happiness in the Western world.
However, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Camilla & Jeremy Sherr

As a nonprofit organisation, HHA delivers on-the-ground healthcare – on behalf of donors – to Tanzanian people who are extremely productive, capable, and proud of their own rich lives.
However, many people here lack healthcare which is a basic need for all human life. Without it, the functioning aspects of peoples’ lives can quickly unravel, to create even more problems.
There’s not a day or week here that I don’t feel privileged to work with local Tanzanian communities.
It’s here, working beside the locals, that I find my purpose by being useful. I think we all strive to feel of use in this world.
At HHA we work with the locals to create sustainable healthcare options, that in many locations, otherwise wouldn’t exist.  Locals are involved in HHA outreach clinics and rural and remote homoeopathic field education clinics for community leaders.
This is a sustainable healthcare model because the leaders share the knowledge within their communities, and this keeps homoeopathy alive and growing. 

HHA Field Education Program

In each monthly newsletter, we have ‘Click here to Donate‘ links should you be interested and able to help. 

HHA projects have a financial cost and would not be possible without donor contributions. This is why from time to time we have fundraising campaigns in addition to the monthly newsletter.

HHA’s role is to deliver the services and resources on behalf of you – the giver.

We can all help others, without having to travel to faraway third-world locations (although Tanzania is a wonderful place).

Tanzania taught me there is great value in giving. The wonderful thing is when I give my all here in Tanzania, I’m also helping to keep homoeopathy alive and well for future generations.

Would you be willing to make a small adjustment to your life – by cutting back on the cost of a small consumable – and use the money to create a better future for someone else instead?

If you’re already a monthly donor would you consider increasing your monthly donation by US $5 per month? This would pay for four remedies.

To increase your monthly donation please email and copy and past the following:

Please increase my monthly donation by US $5 per month. 

If you aren’t already a monthly donor, would you consider a regular monthly donation of just US $25? It will provide:   

  • ongoing monthly homoeopathic treatment and life’s necessities for someone with a chronic illness or condition
  • or a homoeopathic consultation and remedy for two people each month

Each one of us has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of others, no matter where we live. We also have the ability to contribute to the future of homoeopathy.
The feeling we get from helping someone else can make a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves.

Please ‘Click here to Donate

All of us can help others, without having to travel to far flung third world locations.

HHA Volunteer
We are extremely grateful to have a new volunteer homoeopath from Ireland, here for three months.

Caroline did an HHA internship in 2018. She wanted a longer stay, but was finishing her studies at the time. 

Now as a fully-fledged homoeopath, Caroline’s having a truly African experience; the bustling streets, markets, and daily life in Moshi. She’s immersed in the sounds and smells of Africa. 

Our clinics are incredibly busy so we are grateful for Caroline volunteering her time with us.

HHA volunteer Caroline, at an outreach clinic. 

Remedy Profiles
This month we’ve chosen to focus on two quite different remedies, Germanium and Apis.

I’m sure most of you know the remedy Apis. It’s made from the bee and is well known for fluid and swelling.

From swollen testes to kidney disease to meningitis, if the symptom picture matches, Apis is a great remedy to think of.

Photo Courtesy of Charles J. Sharp

Case 1
Last month a distraught mother brought her baby to an HHA clinic. The infant had hydrocephalus, developmental delays, frequent fevers – with up to six convulsions per day and several at night with involuntary urination and defecation during the convulsions.

This all started after the child had bacterial meningitis one year ago. As you can see in the photo his head is distended.

A remedy was prescribed for the baby on a daily dose basis.

Baby with distended head

Two months after the initial case taking of the baby we saw him again.
The fevers and convulsions had stopped completely. The hydrocephalus had gone and the baby’s head is no longer distended.  Also, the painful stiffness in his legs is better and he is able to move them. His staring and protruding eyes have improved, and he now babbles like a baby at this age.
The mother says he’s more alert and better cognitively.
Homoeopathy is wonderful.

Baby greatly improved two months later

Case 2
A man came to an HHA outreach clinic with swollen testes, which he had endured for two years.

The right teste was particularly painful and swollen, and the man struggled to walk. He had no other symptoms – although we always check. It was a straightforward case.

After taking the prescribed remedy daily for six weeks the testes are much improved.

There is still some swelling but the pain had gone. He was prescribed the remedy daily as before. At the next follow-up, he was ninety percent better and could walk freely.

Understandably, he is very happy.

Patients waiting their turn at an HHA Outreach Clinic

Jeremy says ‘This miserable remedy is one I use every week. I don’t know what I would do without Germanium’.
It’s one of Jeremy’s early provings, and has been vital in the treatment of AIDS here in Tanzania. Jeremy’s forthcoming book on epidemics will discuss Germanium at length.

Germanium metallicum

Germanium is useful in other situations besides AIDS and is one of the first remedies considered for being ostracised or stigmatised – by society or within families.

The last three years have revealed many instances of ostracisation. Stigmatisation is alive and well in many cultures, not just here with AIDS.

Germanium often suppresses feelings and tries to control them internally when feeling victimised. In this respect, it can be like Staphysagria.

Germanium is also a big remedy for dyslexia (a lack of communication between the inner world of the person and the outside world).

An HHA Outreach Clinic can be as simple as a laptop and a chair if  you’re lucky

Two cases of Ostracisation
A woman in her early twenties caught COVID in December 2022 with mild symptoms. 

She had lingering weakness and a very bad resurgence of facial acne which made her want to stay home.

The woman had chosen to remain vaccine free and due to this was excluded from her university and had to do her papers online. Her friendships were marginalised, and she was not allowed to go to cafes, movies, hairdressers, or any public space.

Considering how relatively benign her symptoms were, she felt her very angry at how she  was treated over the last twelve months. She felt very isolated and retreated. 

After taking the prescribed remedy her skin dramatically improved, her tiredness disappeared and her mental well-being was transformed. In fact the remedy helped  her at a very deep level with issues going back to childhood.  

A woman in her 50’s was in a similar situation.

She was unable to attend work for nine months, and some of her family both mocked and rejected her stance on vaccines.

She felt victimised and was sleeping very poorly. After taking the prescribed remedy, her sleep improved almost instantly and she felt able to let go of the previous year’s trauma.

Germanium pathology can go very deep.

If you would like to learn more, Jeremy has a tutorial on Germanium. Click here.

HHA interns at a local market
Here in Africa we always consider Germanium when there is a stigma concerning a patient’s illness as there often is with AIDS.
In AIDS cases the immune system is very depleted and may be accompanied by nerve problems such as numbness in the arms and legs, similar to Causticum.
The person feels oppressed and persecuted. Germanium struggles to communicate their situation – they can’t get through to others. They feel like everybody is looking at them or talking about them. The person suppresses their anger and feels there is nothing they can do about it, they can even feel like a prisoner.
Their dreams are of war or robbers coming into the house. They feel invaded, that someone has come into their space.
Germanium feels a failure and a lot of self-hatred, ‘I am useless’.
This remedy can be useful in children too, especially those with a fear of authority.
Woman – 64 years old
Bathati, who is 64, has low vitality, poor vision and can’t see very far.

That’s it – she has no other symptoms. Luckily, Jeremy asked about her vivid dreams.

She dreamed of being attacked in her home. She says she feels angry with her son but won’t say why, and feels she can’t say anything because she is dependent on him.

A simple repertorisation revealed possible remedies. At the follow up appointment, her foggy vision had improved, her dreams settled and she is less angry. She is more settled inside, she says.
Make a Difference to Someone’s Life
HHA’s work is only possible because of wonderful supporters like you who make such a difference to patients like the infant with hydrocephalus. The difference you’ve made to this little boy’s life is immeasurable. 

Would you be willing to make a small monthly donation to give a better future to someone like him?

Each of us has the potential to make a huge difference to the life of another person, no matter where we live. 

The wonderful part is when we give value to someone else’s life, we find meaning for our own.

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Warmest Regards 
Camilla Sherr 
P.S.  Curious to see what HHA outreach clinics can look like? Click here to watch a video.  
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