November’s Newsletter


It’s November already and we are eager to share our latest news and cases.

Update on our Children’s Trauma Clinic and a case of Scorpion

Holiday Gift Boxes

We are delighted to report that our holiday gift boxes are happening! So far we have sold nearly 50 boxes, so we know we are already able to help Sister Ida in Mweka with all her hungry families. HHA aims to provide 150 boxes to families in need over the holiday season.

When you gift a $30 USD Holiday Gift Box you bring joy to your friends and family – by gifting on their behalf – without adding stress to our planet or surplus to their homes.  You receive a Christmas Gift Ecard to send to your nominated giver. 

These food parcels feed some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens – orphans, elderly, and single-parent families,  and provide much-needed healthcare.

These food parcels feed some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens – orphans, elderly, and single-parent families,  and provide much-needed healthcare.

Each Gift Box comes with:

  • 5kg Uji Porridge
  • 1x 450g jar of local honey (full of anti-oxidants)

HHA homeopathic health care (consultation and 2 x remedies) for two people, over two months

HHA Holiday Gift Box – Uji porridge, honey and homeopathic remedies.

Health care is more than just medicine

Uji porridge is a Tanzanian recipe full of goodness with nutritious grains, seeds and nuts, dried green vegetables, and yellow sweet potato – all ingredients are sourced locally.

By purchasing an HHA Holiday Gift Box for someone, you gift them the opportunity to change a life, or maybe even save one. 

Purchase here.
( scroll down to the bottom of the purchase page to select the number of boxes to add to your shopping cart.)

Each jar of honey in the HHA Holiday Gift Box is supplied by Happy, a local entrepreneur. 

Case of Partial Blindness and Epilepsy- Maasai Clinic

  The story of this five-year-old boy is a remarkable testament to the transformative power of homeopathy.

When he was first seen by Jeremy in August 2022,  his life was overshadowed by a series of health challenges.

He was born with yellow fever. He is almost completely blind in both eyes. His mother first realised he couldn’t see well when he started to walk and his vision has deteriorated since then. In addition to his vision issues, he had also experienced several epileptic fits. His eyes were swollen, painful, and incredibly light-sensitive.

The young boy had developed a coping mechanism, wherein he could see a little if he held something very close to his eyes and tilted his head to one side, enabling him to use the corner of one eye. He also kept his head down as much as possible due to his extreme sensitivity to light.

Eight months later, he returned for follow-up treatment with the encouraging news was that he had not experienced any epileptic fits since receiving his remedy. Although his vision had moments of slight improvement, he would revert to a state of being unable to see.

This underscores the challenges of providing care in such remote areas, where there are often long gaps between clinics, especially during the rainy season. However, it gave us hope.

The remedy was repeated in May and August 2023.
  By September 2023, the young boy’s life had taken a remarkable turn. His vision had dramatically improved, leaving those who saw him before and after astounded. The swelling and pain in his eyes had disappeared, and he could now look straight ahead and see much more clearly. While there is still room for further improvement, this child now has the opportunity to attend school and lead a much more normal life.

This incredible transformation was made possible due to HHA supporters and  donors who help sustain these remote clinics, and of course the homeopathic remedy that played such a pivotal role.

These stories of transformation through homeopathy highlight the profound impact that this holistic approach to healthcare can have on individuals and communities.

Update on our School Trauma Clinic

We continue to see amazing results at our school clinic as more children come back for their second appointments.  

Photo: painted hands on the wall of the school yard

All the kids in the boarding school have stopped bedwetting.

There were about 12 children regularly wetting their beds.  This is important as it not only addresses a physical issue but also signifies a profound shift in their overall psyche and well-being.   It is also great for the matron and staff as you can imagine! Everyone is pleased. 

 However,  we would like to bring a particular case to your attention.

One little boy, aged 8, was given Androctonus  (Scorpion) eight weeks ago and the transformation for this child is hard to believe. He is literally a different person. He has lived at the school for 3 years and had been subjected to severe physical and sexual abuse. He  was angry and withdrawn, and would hit other children. He was very, very sad and alone. He hid behind the classrooms away from others. He would find insects and pull their wings off and kill them. He was very slow in learning. 

He is changed child, according to his teachers and social worker! For the first time they have seen him laugh, he has started to play with other kids, and is happier. He is no longer cruel to insects.  He is starting to focus in class and we anticipate some improvements in his ability to learn in the coming months. 

Aspects of Scorpion 

  • Unfeeling, enjoy the violence
  • Rage, cold, cruel, cutting off from the heart
  • Hurt, feel isolated

Ailments from disappointed love

Resources on Scorpion

1. Jeremy has an excellent tutorial on Scorpion.  It will give you great insight into the remedy. 

Scorpion Tutorial 

2. The Scorpion proving is also available here, and all the funds are donated to HHA. 

Scorpion Proving


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