November’s Newsletter

Habari from Tanzania!

Jeremy and I would like to thank everyone who purchased Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) Holiday Gift Boxes last month.

Thanks to the generosity of HHA supporters, over 90 families are receiving food and medical treatment during the holiday season. However, with drought, failing crops, and rising food prices worldwide, there are still many more people in dire need.

HHA aims to provide 150 Gift Boxes to local families before the end of the year. When you purchase HHA Gift Boxes you can change someone’s life, or maybe even save one.

Click here, to purchase.

Alice is a young mother with ongoing medical needs. She was orphaned at a young age and now lives with her aunt. She’s received an HHA Holiday Gift Box with phosphorus for her and calcarea carbonica for her baby.

Each month, we encounter cases where remedies have transformed patients’ lives, and the last month was no exception.

We’re very eager to share some of these case studies with you.

Getting Prescriptions to Patients

HHA had the busiest department at the local hospital in October. The head of the hospital now wants HHA to work there more frequently.

If only this was the attitude of hospitals everywhere!

HHA’s generous supporters make this outreach work possible and ensures patients get access to Jeremy’s inspired prescribing of homeopathic remedies.

To make this happen, however, is quite a process.

To carry out this important work on behalf of HHA supporters, Jeremy and I work with a wonderful grassroots team.

The process includes:

• Local organisers inform hospitals, wards, and patients of HHA’s arrival.

• HHA Tanzanian homeopath translates from Swahili to English – a highly skilled job in its own right.

• Another homeopath takes detailed notes, and photographs the patient (with permission), while Jeremy analyses and repertortises the case.

• This homeopath is also responsible for noting any of Jeremy’s perceptions and analysis.

• Our student homeopath then makes the remedy and instructs the patient on how to use it.

Add a four-wheel drive vehicle to get us up the mountain and our 3 boxes of remedies and you start to get the picture.

It’s challenging, crazy at times, and unbelievably rewarding.

HHA Co-Founder Jeremy Sherr taking cases in a local outreach clinic – more of Jeremy’s case studies are posted on HHA’s Facebook and Instagram

Plumbum – A Case of Toxicity

David (not his real name) struggled into the clinic with a very awkward gait and two sticks for support. He was hardly able to balance and had obvious neurological damage.

Eleven years ago he learnt he was HIV positive. However, his problems only began when he moved back to his family home in the Kilimanjaro region.

Jeremy’s astute questioning revealed David’s house was old and had running water (not always the case in Tanzania). It was the lead pipes in his house where his problems developed – he was being slowly poisoned.

After being prescribed Plumbum three weeks ago, David came to the HHA hospital clinic for a follow-up appointment last week.  We’re happy to report he is doing much better.

Part of the HIV AIDS picture is increased susceptibility to neurological damage.  David’s knee pain has decreased, and his body weakness has improved.

His father, who also lives in the home, has severe mental health issues which could possibly be linked to lead poisoning as well.  

Read Allen’s encyclopedia for great information on the Mind symptoms of Plumbum.

Lead poisoning affects many people across the world.  Unfortunately, lead poisoning is considered a thing of the past which leaves those living in old houses susceptible to poisoning.

It’s very important to realise that most of the information about Plumbum comes from toxicology reports or cases of lead poisoning.

The Healing Power of Trees

Eighteen-year-old Monica presented with leukorrhea and pains all over her body – especially in the back, waist, and legs.

Her picture matched Sabina’s affinities.

Many will recognise Sabina as a ‘female’ remedy, however, its bigger picture is less well known.

Did you know Sabina is from the Juniper family?

Juniper is from the conifer family and like Thuja, Sabina is also a sycotic remedy.

Juniperus sabina ‘Tamariscifolia’, Photo courtesy of Salicyna.

As Jeremy states ‘Many trees have bigger and deeper pictures than we realise’.  

Three weeks later Monica’s back has improved, the discharge is gone and her body pains are reduced.  

There is much more to learn about trees.

Jeremy has been focusing some of his work on trees and has proved, among other trees, the English Yew.

Healthcare is More than Medicine

With the holiday season fast approaching, please consider purchasing HHA Holiday Gift Boxes.

These food parcels feed some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens – orphans, elderly, and single-parent families, many of who live with HIV AIDS – and provide much-needed healthcare over the holiday season. 

Each gift box comes with:

• 5kg Uji Porridge (highly nutritious)

• 1x 450g jar of local honey (full of antioxidants)

• HHA homeopathic health care (consultation and 2 x remedies) for two people, over two months

HHA Holiday Gift Box Items

Anitha, our Tanzanian homeopath, has been assembling 200kg of Uji Porridge, over 90 jars of honey, along with consultation cards and remedies. She is very BUSY!

When you gift a $30 USD Holiday Gift Box you bring joy to your friends and family – by gifting on their behalf – without adding stress to our planet or surplus to their homes. Plus you receive a Gift Ecard to send to your nominated giver.

If you are someone who is looking to gift meaningfully, please consider purchasing HHA Holiday Gift Boxes.

Wedding news

Lastly, we have wonderful news to share about HHA homeopath Elisia who is to marry her fiance Johnson this month.

Elisia trained with HHA and is now a fully qualified homeopath. Johnson, a botanist, collects plants for the HHA indigenous pharmacy.

We are beyond happy for them, and will share photos of their special day next month.

Let’s Stay in Touch

A monthly newsletter is one way we share stories with you about homeopathy.

HHA’s work is only possible because of wonderful supporters like you who purchase, donate, and share emails and social media. 

We greatly value your compassion and support. It really does make a difference, so please spread the word.

Warmest Regards

Camilla Sherr

P.S. Read about Jo Pearce’s (Spain) 2019 HHA Intern experience. Jo explains how this experience deepened her understanding of homeopathy, and created rich, long-lasting friendships around the world.

HHA’s Internship Program has only 2 dates available next year, so don’t miss out.

• March 6th-16th 2023

• 14th-25th August 2023

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P.P.S.  If you’d like to give meaningful gifts to friends and family, please consider purchasing HHA Holiday Gift Boxes.

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HHA Holiday Gift Boxes being distributed at a local hospital.