October’s Newsletter

Habari from Tanzania! 

Over the last month, hundreds of people in need have received healthcare from Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA).

Jeremy and I are grateful to HHA’s loyal supporters who made this possible.

In this newsletter, we’re eager to share with you the launch of HHA Christmas Gift Boxes.

These boxes fund many HHA programs throughout the year. Plus, we’ll share with you some interesting case studies taken over the last month.

Christmas Gift Boxes

With Christmas nearing, HHA Christmas Gift Boxes are now available to purchase.

When you gift a $30 USD Christmas Gift Box you bring joy to your friends and family – by gifting on their behalf – without adding stress to our planet or surplus to their homes.

These food parcels feed some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens – orphans, elderly, and single-parent families, many of who live with HIV AIDS – and provide much-needed healthcare over the holiday season. 

Each gift box comes with:

  • 5kg Uji Porridge
  • 1x 450g jar of local honey (full of anti-oxidants)
  • HHA homeopathic health care (consultation and 2 x remedies) for two people, over two months
Christmas Gift Box
HHA Christmas Gift Box – Uji porridge, honey and homeopathic remedies.

Health care is more than just medicine.

Uji porridge is a Tanzanian recipe full of goodness with nutritious grains, seeds and nuts, dried green vegetables, and yellow sweet potato – all ingredients are sourced locally.

Food supply is worse than normal this year in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Worldwide food shortages and price increases – along with failing local maize crops, due to the lack of rain – means many people here are in dire need of food.

When you purchase a gift box online you receive a Christmas Gift Ecard to send to your nominated giver.

By purchasing an HHA Christmas Gift Box for someone, you gift them the opportunity to change a life, or maybe even save one.

Purchase here.

(scroll down to the bottom of the purchase page to select the number of boxes to add to your shopping cart)

Each jar of honey in the HHA Christmas Gift Boxes is supplied by Happy, a local entrepreneur.

Volunteer Program

HHA’s Volunteer Program means we get to host experienced homeopaths from around the world.

This is a mutually rewarding experience where the volunteers, and HHA staff alike, gain from the program.

As with the Internship Program, the mutual sharing of experiences, from different corners of the world, helps to keep homeopathy alive.

Farewell Karolina

In September we said goodbye to Karolina, our German volunteer who has been here for ten weeks.

Born and raised on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, Karolina came back to her roots this year, working as a homeopath with HHA.

Karolina’s experience as a vet, personal coach, and homeopath helped her make a significant impact on HHA’s Outreach Clinic and Field Education Programs.

While it is sad to farewell Karolina, we look forward to welcoming more volunteers to Moshi over the coming year.

If you would like to volunteer with HHA please click here.

Karolina at an outreach clinic.

Stroke Transformation

While volunteering with HHA, Karolina treated Reverand Swai at an outreach clinic.

He’d suffered a stroke a year ago and was paralyzed on the left hand side, unable to walk. His blood pressure was ery high 166/107 

Karolina prescribed Arnica, and what a transformation! 

Within two weeks Rev. Swai started walking again. One month later his church congregation was delighted and amazed to welcome him back. His blood pressure came down to normal again.  

At another HHA outreach clinic, a stroke case had dramatic results with Lac Leonum. 

The man was unable to walk or even stand because of his severe paralysis. 

He also feared that his family would betray him and steal his successful business. After the stroke, he felt unable to maintain his authority over his family.  

He’s so happy with his recovery, he asked us to video him walking.   

See the video here

HHA outreach clinics are made possible through our monthly giving program.

Update on Hernia baby

If you follow us on Facebook, you might remember the baby boy with two severe hernias – inguinal and umbilical.

Due to the kindness of HHA donors, this young boy was able to have successful surgery for the inguinal hernia. 

He is now in much less pain, but sometimes he still twists with pain and screams after eating.

His grandmother takes care of him due to his parents’ acrimonious separation.

I prescribed Chamomilla for his acute pains and its complementary remedy Magnesium Carbonica, which is a great ‘orphan’ remedy.

Overall, he is doing very well.

Hernia patient David, with his grandmother and Camilla

A monthly newsletter is one way we share stories with you about homeopathy.

HHA’s work is only possible because of wonderful supporters like you who purchase, donate, share emails and social media, or spread the word. 

We greatly value your compassion and support. It really does make a difference.

Warmest Regards

Camilla Sherr

P.S.  If you are organising your Christmas shopping early, please consider an HHA Christmas Gift Box. Click the link to purchase.

Watch this video of Sister Ida as she explains the importance of the HHA Christmas Gift Box Program to her community.

(Please note, any surplus raised through the HHA Christmas Gift Box Program will roll over into HHA’s ‘Life’s Necessities’ program which delivers food, clothing, and bedding to those in need throughout the year).

P.P.S. If you’re someone who wants to make a difference to the future of homeopathy, and the health of some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens, please support HHA programs by giving here.