September’s Newsletter

In this September newsletter we bring you:

  • an update on our school clinic
  • a case of prostate and Conium
  • Anitha with a case of Cygnus Cygnus

Update on our school clinic

Last month I mentioned one of our most poignant days was at a school clinic. We have been 4 days in the last two weeks to help these traumatised children and have committed to seeing all 150 children in the next few weeks.  The 50 most vulnerable children are being seen first. This is also part of our sustainability program. Helping children to become healthy and well means they can become good citizens, contributing to a country that is still very poor. They receive a good education at this school but homeopathy takes them to a new level.

A Case of Prostate and Conium

We have been treating an elderly gentleman for nearly a year. He came with an enlarged prostate and trouble with urination, he couldn’t empty his bladder and was experiencing discomfort in his lower abdomen. Drs recommended surgery but at 89 he was not happy with this option. Over the course of the year repeated doses of Conium have made a huge difference. His urination gradually normalised and the pain in the lower abdomen reduced and finally went. The hospital finally said he no longer required surgery!

He and his wife have been married for 60 years and they are a such a sweet couple!

Anitha with a case of Cygnus Cygnus

Anitha and our team recently visited several bedridden patients to prescribe remedies. This elderly man lost his wife several years ago and he just can’t get over his grief. He has many aches and pains and finds it hard to walk. He has eye pain and constantly watery eyes. We gave him Cygnus Cygnus (whooper swan). His eyes improved significantly and his family say he is more cheerful. It a marvelous remedy for grief where the person misses their partner or soulmate. Whooper swans mate for life.

You can find the proving here.

For as little as $25 a month, you can provide ongoing monthly homœopathic treatment and life’s necessities for someone with a chronic illness or condition or a homœopathic consultation with remedy for two people each month

The wonderful part is when we give value to someone else’s life, we find meaning for our own.

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We would like to wish our Jewish friends and colleagues a sweet Rosh Hashanah. If you would like to gift others a little honey sweetness click here.

Kindest Regards,

Camilla Sherr 

P.S. Next month, HHA will launch its Holiday Gift Box Appeal. Last year over 400 boxes were donated! We were thrilled as this makes such a difference.

These food parcels feed some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens – orphans, elderly, mothers and grandmothers who are raising children alone – and provide much-needed healthcare over the holiday season.

Keep an eye out for them in next month’s newsletter, as they will be available for purchase from October.

Wishing you a sweet Rosh Hashanah.