September’s Newsletter

Habari from Tanzania! 

It’s been a busy time since the last newsletter, and we’re eager to update you on events.

We were thrilled to welcome the return of our Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) intern program – the first since COVID.

Five interns from the Netherlands, France, and the US worked tirelessly alongside Jeremy, me, and other highly experienced HHA homeopaths.

Cases taken by the interns at the HHA permanent and outreach clinics ranged from HIV AIDS, active TB to elephantiasis and grief.

Outreach clinics – including those in the Maasai tribal lands – are generously funded by our monthly donors and are vital to areas that have little or no healthcare.

Interns – 2022

Internship Program 

Even though an HHA internship is not a holiday of rest and luxury, it is one filled with incredibly rich experiences.

Our recent interns assisted in case taking and case analysis of over 130 patients and had the opportunity to teach in many of HHA’s outreach clinics.

 In addition to the HIV/AIDS, active TB, elephantiasis, and grief cases, the interns also assisted with cases of neck, back, and knee pain in the elderly.

Our use of Guaiacum and Adamas for these common ailments, which are normally treated with Rhus Tox and Kali Carb, piqued the interns’ interest.

Working alongside Jeremy is an extraordinary opportunity for interns as he gets to the heart of a situation very quickly. His perspective on homeopathy is that ‘paradoxes of a case, open the gateway to truth and insight.’

Interns and HHA staff alike gain from the internship program – the mutual sharing of experiences, from different corners of the world, helps to keep homeopathy alive.

 The HHA internship was a gift – working with such experienced homeopaths, learning to analyze cases quickly, deeply, and effectively, and seeing Tanzanian communities benefit from homeopathy.

I was thankful to see that good work is being done in the world.

 – Rachael (Washington DC -USA)

 To find out more about HHA’s intern program click here.

Interns case taking – Maasai tribal lands

Delusion, Denial & China

An interesting case was presented at the HHA Moshi clinic near the end of August.

Theresia, an elderly woman, had refused to eat or drink since the death of her son. In a complete state of denial – even delusional – she refused to accept her son’s death and believed her neighbors were to blame, as she felt they had persecuted her family.

She had been hospitalized, but hospital staff were unable to get her to consume anything. A nurse brought her to the clinic as she was too weak to stand on her own.

Her depletion of body fluids, weakness, and sense of persecution led Jeremy to prescribe China 30c – taken immediately – followed by 12c daily.

Within ten minutes of taking her initial 30c dose, Theresia was sipping a cup of tea and eating some avocado.

Homeopathy is remarkable!

Theresia sipping some tea

HHA Christmas Gift Boxes

Next month, HHA will launch its Christmas Gift Box Appeal. Every year, this appeal funds many HHA programs.

You can make an enormous difference to others in need and give responsibly with HHA Christmas Gift Boxes which don’t add stress to our planet, or surplus to our homes.

 Instead, Christmas Gift Boxes provide basic food items such as rice, beans, sugar, tea, and cooking oil, plus homeopathic remedies for two months, to some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens – orphans, elderly and single-parent families – many of whom live with HIV AIDS.

Keep an eye out for them in next month’s newsletter, as they will be available for purchase from October.

Warmest Regards

Camilla Sherr 

P.S. Have you wondered what it’s like driving to the Maasai tribal lands? Click here to find out.

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