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Aids in Africa

It’s one of the worst pandemics the world has ever seen. We now know that homeopathy helps ease the suffering of those living with this disease. It’s safe, non-toxic and affordable and it stimulates people’s innate ability to heal. Thanks to homeopathy, our patients are able to live more comfortably, with greater energy and stamina. This also means they are able to reclaim their livelihoods. We do not claim to cure AIDS. We do claim we can dramatically improve people’s quality of life. 

Read more in this interview with Jeremy Sherr.

Homeopathy for Health in Africa’s  story began in 2005, when our founder Jeremy Sherr began practicing homeopathy in Tanzania during his twice yearly visits. Having grown up in South Africa, Jeremy loved Africa and was deeply moved by the suffering of its people. He had already had positive experiences working with AIDS patients in other parts of the world

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