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At the time of writing this, twenty years have elapsed since we proved Adamas. It seems like a long time, and it is, yet this proving has stood the clinical test of time, proving itself again and again to be worthy of its shining personality.

We have used this remedy dozens of times in practice, and have received many reports of successful cures from colleagues. This is very gratifying, and a wonderful validation of the homoeopathic process.

More than anywhere else, we have seen the wonderful effect of Adamas in TB cases in Africa. I knew it was a tubercular remedy when one of the provers, after having rather overdosed himself, coughed a deep, rough cough with blood-tinged expectoration for three months. He would frequently phone me and express his anxiety that he had TB. It sounded as though his lungs had been ripped to shreds by diamond dust. The very first case I had (solved by my wife Camilla) was a young boy who had suffered from such a cough for seven years, with no help from allopathy or homoeopathy. Adamas cured this cough forever.

Whenever I think of the Diamond remedy I am reminded of Princess Di. She was called the Queen of Hearts. It should have been Queen of Diamonds. Once a dowdy and unconfident school teacher, her light was not her own, but a reflection of her husband’s fame. After years under the tremendous heat and pressure of being a royal, her soft carbon identity mutated into a hard, brilliant diamond, one that carried its own light. Yet the low self esteem always remained, and the imbalance of power between two extremes led to an early death, much like her sister-Adamas, Marilyn Monroe.

From the weak layered carbon, the strength of the adamas tetrahedral is the bond of our identity. This is what Pink Floyd meant when they sang: “Shine on you crazy diamond!”

In the treasure chest of our materia medica, Adamas is a true jewel.

Jeremy Sherr 2014

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