Americium nitricum


Americium nitricum

Proving of Americium nitricum and materia medica available to buy as a downloadable pdf file.

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The proving of Americium nitricum took place in 1999. This was the first, and last, time, I did a post-postgraduate course with graduates of my Dynamis School. It did not go well and, to this day, I am not sure why. Although I had an exciting new programme, the students were not happy and there were constant complaints. Those with more experience complained about there being new students in the group. The room wasn’t right. Everyone wanted to do different things. There were social issues and the group seemed diversified.

I had previously proved Plutonium nitricum and was eager to carry on proving radioactive materials, which I believe is necessary to match the advanced pathology we witness in the world today. Radioactivity can cause a wide range of severe disease. Furthermore, today’s culture, science, military, media, internet and personal psychology belong to a radioactive era of uncontrolled growth and decomposition, a breaking down of old concepts into a not-so-brave, new world, in which America leads the way. Hence, I chose to move on to the next element in the row: element 95, Americium. This radioactive element is unique in that it is present in most households as a part of smoke alarms. At the time, I was not aware of just how radioactive this element is. Certainly, it seemed to develop some severe pathology. Foremost in my mind is the heavy metrorrhagia of some provers, which continued for months. Another prover developed hypothyroidism and hypertension about six months later. Although we cannot be sure that this is connected to the proving, there is a likelihood that this might be the case.

As a result of all this, I became very anxious. I developed a fear that people from the group would sue me. I had never had this fear, or thought, before, nor have I had it since, despite experiencing much worse provings. One cannot help but compare this feeling (alongside the other proving symptoms) to the American empire, then at its peak, now decomposing. The name of the remedy itself begs comparison and, indeed, like America, Americium embraces future and past, old and new age, dream and reality. One patient, who responded well to this remedy, was a Russian immigrant living in the USA, who was never able to adjust and whose symptoms seemed to belong to the radioactive period. However, as in every proving, we should be cautious of mere signature and embrace the unexpected.

I have hardly touched or used this proving since, yet, here it is, in the raw state and waiting to be discovered, unravelled and put to good use. It is my hope that the suffering of the provers will be of benefit to sick mankind.

Jeremy Sherr 2012