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This proving is the Materia Medica Pura of Argon. The document contains several provings of Argon: Dynamis School Ireland 1996, together with the provings by Silvie Gowan, Camilla Sherr, Kristina Benjaminsson and the Copenhagen group, plus additional proving material.

Like its sister noble gas provings, Argon is a fascinating remedy picture, illuminating the perfection of the third period, catalysing us into the third dimension and heralding the fourth. Argon represents the end of timelessness and the beginning of time. It is a proving full of magic and light, fairies and crocodiles, laughter and play – yet it also contains the grief of the periods first and last members, Natrum and Muriaticum, with their affinity to water and earth, sea and shore.

To understand how all these and other aspects of the proving create a coherent picture takes study, time and skill. A proving is merely a suggestion for a remedy picture. Much work is needed to interpret its secrets, to evolve the simple list of symptoms into a comprehensive whole, potentising our understanding towards the highest levels of perception. To achieve this we use every tool at our disposal. There is no end to this investigation, the only limits being our mind and consciousness. Finally, this alchemical process must be confirmed and enhanced by clinical cases. I invite you to delve into this proving and to try for yourself, and then see how I have approached this task in the accompanying volume, The Dynamis Materia Media – Argon, a journey into the evolution of the third dimension.

Jeremy Sherr 2016


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