Gallium metallicum


Gallium metallicum

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Gall means wave in Hebrew, and this remedy is a wave of liquid solid. I had to dive into it, drown in its frozen waters, swim with its crabs and fly with its crows. It took me on a voyage of birth and death, and to the limbo in between, to tidal waves, floods, strife, civil war, the dawn of mankind and its Armageddon, but also to healing, care and resolution.

I discovered its great value in post-traumatic stress disorder, severe grief and depression, its possible use as a resurrector from sudden traumatic death and so much more. This remedy has now proved itself remarkably in clinic.

This is a unique remedy – nothing can replace it when needed. A remedy for the world today with its roots in the dawn of mankind. And, no doubt, a polychrest.

Jeremy Sherr 2016