Germanium metallicum


Germanium metallicum

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I chose to prove Germanium due to its topical nature. During the 1980’s the use of organic germanium had spread as a cure for many diseases. Germanium clinics sprang up everywhere, as patients experienced amazing results in cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue and other serious complaints. It was the magical answer many sick people had been waiting for.

At the same time that the medical use of organic germanium flourished, germanium also gained prominence in technology as a semiconductor for micro chips, solar cells, laser engineering, superconductors and other technical industries. This was truly a germanium era.

However this was soon to come to an abrupt end. The secondary reaction was quick to follow, with increased reporting of toxicological side effects. In 1989 the use of germanium was banned in the USA. The superconductor revolution slowed to a trickle.

In the same year the Berlin wall finally gave way to the pressure of peace. Germany, after which element 32 was named, was united. One cannot help but associate this semi metallic element with the country it is named after. This association seems to be reflected in some of the dreams and mental symptoms, but I leave the reader to form their own opinion.

The Germanium proving is firmly engraved in my mind. A heavy turgid atmosphere prevailed, as if a thick grey cloud had settled over our minds. Communication during the proving was difficult. Provers were irritable and suffered extreme and long lasting fatigue. Germanium proved to be a powerful substance, capable of affecting people for long periods of time in a lingering manner.

This proving is one of the most complete of our materia medica, because it contains a very thorough and modern toxicology, which has often been very useful. Thus we have found Germanium to be very helpful in cases of MS, cancer, kidney problems and immune weakness. In particular, cases of AIDS in East Africa, the place where germanium was first sourced, have responded very well to this remedy. The picture of stigmatization leading to alienation and suppressed anger is very appropriate.

The suffering that we experienced has proved worthwhile. The remedy has a well defined and important picture. Since finishing the collation, my colleagues and I have used it successfully in a number of difficult cases. The sense of failure, suppressed anger, estrangement, dyslexia and fatigue are only some of the indications that make this remedy uniquely suitable to our times. A large gap in our materia medica has been filled.

Jeremy Sherr 2014