Haliaeetus leucocephalus


‘Eagle’s blood’

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Haliaeetus leucocephalus was prepared from a blood sample taken from an American bald eagle. A year previously, as I strolled the streets of a market fair, I came across this eagle. Right wing and talon injured by a gun, it was confined to lifelong imprisonment at a rescue centre and used for educational purposes. Caged, shackled and hooded, it had not lost the commanding air of a king, but had acquired the deep sadness born out of hopeless captivity.

Naturally, it is quite difficult (and illegal) to obtain samples of a free and healthy eagle. The potencies of Haliaeetus leucocephalus were prepared from a single, very small amount of blood that was part of a sample drawn for diagnostic purposes from the American bald eagle at the rescue centre.

Haliaeetus reflects the predicament of this specific eagle, which befits its use in analogous situations. Its proving contains aspects of animal, blood and tragic personal history. As with any remedy, when prescribing according to a particular proving, one should use remedies derived from the original potencies.

This proving created an unintentional experiment. The brave provers of Haliaeetus had actually volunteered to prove a radioactive remedy, and were under the impression that this was the case. Yet the proving contained no speculative reference to radioactive phenomena. The undeniable similarity of the remedy picture to the signature of this particular eagle and its unfortunate personal history serves as a powerful validation of the proving process.

The proving of Haliaeetus is as exciting as the flight of an eagle. It takes us to the extremes of height and depth, free flowing motion and paralysis, magnetic fields and pinpoint vision, psychosis and extreme calm. And more than that, it takes us to the empty void between these extremes.

Jeremy Sherr 2014