Bracelets #homeopathyrocks


Beautiful #homeopathyrocks Bracelets hand made in Tanzania by HHA patients.

  • Locally hand crafted from recycled brass
  • Supplied in a gift pouch
  • Bracelets made by Pamoja Tunaweza, Tanzania

One bracelet = 20 people treated with homeopathy

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You have to agree with us… these “#homeopathyrocks” bracelets do make for a unique and beautiful gift for your family, friends and loved-ones living overseas.

These fabulous bracelets are locally hand crafted in Tanzania from recycled brass and comes in a gift pouch.

Brass jewelry is loved by many due to its beauty and versatility. An added benefit to wearing brass jewelry is that it might also provide health benefits.

Many people believe that by wearing brass jewelry, your skin will absorb minerals from the brass.

Key to efficient metabolism, absorption and transportation of iron throughout the body, and melanin production in the skin, brass is an essential trace mineral.

There is some debate about whether brass jewelry can help improve your health. Claims have included easing the pain of arthritis or helping to improve the condition and appearance of skin.

We will leave that up to you to decide. We just know that this is a stunning piece of jewelry which can be added to anyone’s collection with style and in turn you will be helping many people receive treatments through your donation.

These bracelets are sold as single units but many people like to buy a few of them to wear together.  Each bracelet is adjustable and is approx 6.5cm x 5.5cm