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Thirty two years since the Hydrogen proving feels like aeons. Looking back at my 1992 introduction from the lofty heights of 2014, it is amusing to see how much more we know today, how much we have learned, how many provings we have midwifed. Yet Hydrogen remains what it is: the first, the biggest, the most esssential – the point at which we separate from God and enter the great isolation.

One particular prover, ‘Prover 16’, brought out these points in great detail. In fact she produced three, handwritten notebooks, each completely full. This being my second proving, I still doubted the process. Today I would have included much more. At the time I was somewhat skeptical, and so included just a summary and one or two paragraphs. Perhaps I will find those notebooks one day. As to number 16, following the proving she moved to Tibet preaching that everyone must take Hydrogen. I later heard of a play written in the USA about her, something about the ‘Hydrogen woman’. As she says in the proving: “The price of a meeting with God is a trip to Hell, but it has been well worth it.” Yet it is not wise to assume that Hydrogen is a short cut to enlightenment; it could bring about the exact opposite.

I recall the first case I ever saw. The woman suffered from severe bi-polar disease. She imagined that she was being pursued by the Mafia, and that she had conceived without coition. On the one hand she was very paranoid, and on the other she saw the really big, universal picture. I solved that first case from her constant delusion of being pregnant. I remember how shocked I was. I never imagined I would actually see a case of a proving I had done.

Another case was of a Californian homeopath. She was very interested in the holy and esoteric, in new physics and new age. Hence she traveled to the land of spirituality, India, where she was robbed, raped and thrown into prison. When she returned to the USA she was shattered, broken into little fragments of her former self and in a state of severe grief and isolation. She felt like a ‘Lotus flower that had been pushed back into the mud’. She had had all the usual remedies but it was Hydrogen that restored her to health, and this improvement lasted for five years. Hydrogens fly so high that coming back to earth is always a shock.

Hydrogen covers the biggest possible totality. Strangely though, it is sometimes indicated in acute disease too. Perhaps every case must finish in Hydrogen. I do not know, and I suspect this is only true as an analogy, but it is a good one. Ultimately we must all reconnect with the sea of souls, with the One. Yet, as we usually cannot go back, we travel forward into another kind of one – the one individual soul, Helium. These two remedies should be studied together, as they complete each other.

Hydrogen is the gateway to the periodic table.

Jeremy Sherr 2014