Iridium metallicum


Iridium metallicum

Proving of Iridium metallicum and materia medica available to buy as a downloadable pdf file.

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The proving of Iridium metallicum (Iridium) is not a Dynamis proving. All credit and thanks must go to the Sheffield College of Homeopathy, who did excellent work with this remarkable and important metal. The proving was given to me as a publisher. Nevertheless I do feel like a grandfather (rather than a father) of this proving, because all of the teachers, supervisors, editors and prominent provers are graduates of the Dynamis School, at that time fresh from the provings of Hydrogen and Chocolate. It is an honour to be a caretaker of their work.

Iridium is special, unique among the elements in many ways. It carries the magic number 77, which is well expressed in the proving. It stands tall and proud in the middle of the sixth period, a position erroneously attributed to Platina. Any way you look at it, whether by counting elements or by examining the proving, Iridium holds prime peak position.

Here is one symptom that somehow got left out of the proving, and it is worthy of the Iridium nobility. It was related to me by Dr Trevor Thompson, who at the time of the proving was travelling in the Galilee, Israel. As he walked easily and effortlessly across the hills, he felt filled with God’s grace.

Iridium is full of such highs and lows. On the one hand, the noble messenger, the rainbow angel with wings of seven foot and seven inches, on the other, sad, depressed and irritable, with marked lack of self esteem. This remedy should not just be a stab in the dark at the periodic table. It deserves serious study.

Thank you to my friends from Sheffield for this colourful proving.

Jeremy Sherr 2014