Mel (Honey)
Proving by Dynamis School Finland, Class of 2014

Proving of Mel and materia medica available to buy as a downloadable pdf file.

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“An age old healer, honey, has finally been proven into a homoeopathic remedy! Wonderful for hormones and strength it is waiting to be used!”

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I was teaching Dynamis in Finland in 2014 and it was time to do The Proving. 

 As is the way with provings, finding a substance to prove is often left to divine guidance. There is a time and a place for everything and if we listen to the whispers, we will catch the substance that wants to be revealed.

 So, I asked for an omen.

 The next day our yoga group met at a friend’s house. His Landcruiser outside looked a wreck and was covered in flies. I thought he must have driven through some cow dung to have such a swarm of flies around it!

 As I entered the house, I found him devouring a honeycomb. He was dripping honey everywhere and offered me some. As we munched away over the sink, he told me the story of how a beehive was going to be destroyed and he decided to rescue it. He put it on the roof of his car and was now in the process of re-locating the hive. So those flies were not flies but, in fact, bees!

 During that same week honey came up in several instances – I saw a tv-programme about the benefits of honey, another programme about dying bees, and then I had a phone call from a beekeeper friend in our village in Israel, in Clil, and she was saying how it’s inconceivable that there isn’t a remedy made from honey!

 All right, this was enough omens!

 The proving was the most delightful, wonderful experience for me. I felt like I was being rewarded from all the sufferings I had endured during other provings. I felt wonderful! Strong, capable, happy, rejuvenated. I slept and slept and slept. The most restorative sleep of my life! I felt like I was catching up on decades of lost sleep.

 Honey, as a substance, doesn’t go off. This quality of being unaffected by time came through in the sense that provers not only felt younger and looked younger, but many got their menses back after many years in menopause. There was a feeling of power and energy, of being Wonder Woman with muscles and effortless strength.

 In fact, this proving was so enjoyable to almost all of our provers (all women, bar one) that it can be difficult to find negative things in the proving. My tip is to pay attention to cured symptoms.

I hope you enjoy this proving as much as I did and find good use for it.

After all, it is one of the most healing substances on this planet.

Camilla Sherr


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