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The following is the Materia Medica Pura of Neon. The provings took place in 1993 and 1994.

Provings require many years and a huge team effort if they are to reach the highest standard of presentation. The proving itself is the easy first step, yet it is the hundreds of edits and re-edits that turn the jumble of symptoms into a comprehensive and meaningful document, one that can provide a platform for deeper investigation, unfolding the many facets of the remedy into an ‘As If One Person’ perception.

Like any proving, Neon can be read and studied on many levels, ranging from physical symptoms and affinities to generals and emotional essences, to geometry and spiritual insight. Finally all these facets may be united into one understanding. It is a wonderful homeopathic exercise to weave the web that binds the totality of a proving. This is the task I undertook in Dynamic Materia Medica – Neon.

Any proving holds many secrets hidden within its symptoms, yet I might boldly state that the noble gases, representing the perfection of the periodic table, contain more. The proving of Neon shows a consistency of ideas that is both fascinating and meaningful, taking our understanding of the noble column one step further. Furthermore, Neon shines a bright light on the remedies of the second and third periods.

Many of the themes that we met in Helium echo through the provings of Neon. Once again we see the noble inclination at its best and worst, contrasting the energised alignment of heaven and earth with an impoverished misalignment of being. Yet Neon takes us one step further in the evolution of the periodic table, unfolding the one dimensional straights of Helium into a new dimension, encapsulating evens and odds, oceans and ovums, skies and spies, bliss and discontent, spirituality and selfishness.

So dive into its watery secrets and let the mystery unfold. Neon will take you back to the time when all was new and all was now.

Jeremy Sherr 2014