Olea europaea


Olea europea

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The proving of Olive was conducted in 1995, simultaneously with the provings of Plutonium nitricum, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Helium and Taxus baccata: two elements, two trees and an animal. At the time, I was so anxious about the Plutonium proving that I decided to balance it out with provings of peaceful and uplifting remedies. I chose Helium for light, Yew for longevity, and Eagle for its high and noble qualities. I chose Olive as a symbol of peace and nourishment for all people.

The remedy was obtained, prepared and proved in Israel. There is an ancient connection between Israel and the olive, which is one of the prominent and holy trees of the bible. The olive is an important symbol for all three great religions in Jerusalem, Israel, the Middle East and the world; and it is revered throughout the whole Mediterranean.

There is no doubt that certain aspects of the proving reflect local life, including the Arab-Israeli conflict and its source, Jerusalem. This may be due to the location and the psychological disposition of the provers, but my feeling is that the olive carries the roots of this ancient conflict deep within. It seems that this proving reflects roots on many levels, be it ancestry, religion, family, or nourishment. In this regard, it is interesting that most of the remedy’s secrets have manifested in provers’ dreams.

At this early stage, I leave you, the reader, to create your own images of this important remedy. I can only wish that its study and use will contribute towards peace in Jerusalem, Israel and the world.

Jeremy Sherr 2013