Oncorhynchus tshawytscha


Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
(Pacific Chinook salmon)

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Note: this version of the proving is upgraded, edited and improved, thanks to Anne Baker.

The salmon is one of nature’s most fascinating animals. Its circular life journey, its ability to transform from sweet to salt water, its gallant struggle upriver, its incredible determination to return to the source to breed – even at the cost of its own life – all these make it the king of fish, and more.

Salmon sustain the lives of many animals on their journey: insects, fish, birds, whales, bears and humans, each waiting their turn on salmon’s circular route. And, like nature’s clock, salmon return, again, and again, and again. Born in the pureness of mountain streams, they feed, they nourish, they struggle, they breed and they die. Salmon truly resemble the cycle of life.

My desire to prove Salmon arose from encounters with this beautiful fish on various trips to Scotland and Northwest USA. I saw salmon jumping the ‘ladder’ built into the Seattle dam. Exhausted, yet determined to push on, they tried, then tried again, until, with incredible strength and power of will, they cleared the obstacle and continued upriver.

By that time, due to over-fishing, toxic rivers and dams, salmon had become so scarce that fishing in the Northwest was banned. This year, on my annual trip with the Dynamis School to Scotland, I learned that there were no wild salmon to be found in Scottish rivers. Vast amounts of farmed fish have escaped their pens, breeding with the wild salmon and distorting their all-important navigational ability, as well as reducing the size of tails needed to propel upstream.

When I was a child, salmon was an expensive delicacy. Today, farmed salmon is served as a cheap lunch in every snack bar. But the price is high, and the fish suffer horrendous diseases in their confinement. Salmon are free and noble fishes that were never meant to live in overcrowded cages, deprived of their life’s mission.

The proving of Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, the Pacific Chinook salmon, was a profound experience for all involved. The week we began the salmon proving, I was invited to lecture in Jerusalem. For me, this was a call home. Of the provers, an infertile couple conceived, relationships formed and broke up, new cycles began, and old ended. The class continued to meet for many years, diligently working on the proving.

This remedy has proved to be extremely useful in a wide range of ailments. It has generated more interest than any other remedy I have proved (bar Chocolate). I know of quite a few babies who have been midwifed into this world by the Salmon remedy.

Salmon, as a fish, is also a symbol of knowledge. It is good to have its wisdom in our materia medica.

Jeremy Sherr 2013