(The North star) (Pole Star)

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Polaris was made by Doug Smith in Minden, Ontario, on 26th October 1990, in the hour before midnight. He inserted a half-inch diameter, clear-glass vial of vodka encircled by a cork into the eyepiece aperture of his eight-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron telescope. This was set up in the middle of a freestanding, stone enclosure some three-feet high and forty-feet in diameter, which was oriented on a north/south axis.

By means of the finder-scope, he kept the telescope centered on Polaris for one hour. At the end of this time, he removed the vial from the telescope and, to avoid human contamination, placed it in a plastic container filled with sand. He then carried the container the 150 yards to the house and immediately potentised the fluid according to the single-vial, Hahnemannian method from the 1x through to the 6x levels, succussing it 48 times at each stage.

The Dynamis School group at Raasay, Skye, Scotland, potentised and succussed the remedy together, up to a 30c, and each took a dose on 21st June 1997.

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