Professional Development Program

The HHA two-week Professional Learning Program gives you an authentic African experience you would never get on a holiday, or in clinic at home. You will visit villages, meet people and patients, be part of our team and really enjoy the flavour of Africa right here at a grassroots level.

Taking cases live with Jeremy and Camilla is extraordinary. They are world class homeopaths and great teachers. You will learn how to think on your feet and how to apply your homoeopathic knowledge. You will be contributing to the health and wellbeing for some of the most vulnerable people in the world. This is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!

A recent participant says, “The HHA Professional Development Program was an eye-opening experience. Undertaking real work in an intense environment, working with patients with cases unique to any of my previous homeopathic experience was amazing. Jeremy and Camilla are great mentors, they were open to all questions, and provided helpful explanations and suggestions. My learning added years of knowledge in a relatively short time. There were patients of all ages with various problems. Some had severe issues such as HIV, TB, genetic disorders, post-meningitis complications, diabetes, cardiology and endocrine problems. We were able to see frst-hand how homeopathy is used as a practical, simple and effective form of medicine, across a huge range of cases. The program allowed us to see different places in Moshi, and travel to rural areas for clinics and home visits. It was a fast-paced environment providing a unique way of learning. Its like being an apprentice.”
Sonia Sechel, Israel

You can arrive as early as the Friday prior to the first Monday clinic (this is included in the price) as otherwise you may be very tired. You will be staying at Hahnemann House, our volunteer house. Phyllis and Joseph, who are brother and sister, live on the same compound and will be looking after you. Phyllis will clean the house 3 days a week and will do all your laundry and ironing.

Clinics start between 9- 9.30am and end sometime in the afternoon. All clinics will be run by either Jeremy or Camilla together with our TZ team of fully professional and experienced homoeopaths Elisia, Anitha and Patience. You will be learning case taking, repertorisation (bring your own laptop if possible), case analysis & synthesis, how to choose the remedy and relevant Materia Medica. This is like having private tutoring! We will give you a clinic schedule on arrival.

Weather permitting there will be a 2-day trip to Maasai land. If it’s too rainy we will have to cancel, as it’s impossible to drive to the location on the muddy roads. On the last Friday there will be a seminar taught by Jeremy.

You will accumulate 60 CPD clinical hours and will receive a Certifcate at the end of your stay.

Camilla loves yoga, and she strongly promotes a yoga-weekend in the middle of the two weeks.
This is an amazing opportunity for the brain to relax from all the information you will be receiving the whole week! It’s wonderful to stretch the body after sitting in uncomfortable outreach clinics and traveling on bumpy roads! Marissa is our go-to yogi. She is American, married to a Tanzanian, and she runs the most wonderful yoga retreats. Three days and two nights in the African bush with yoga, accommodations and food, which adds an extra $400 – $500 to the price-(ask for details, as prices may change).

We really hope that you decide to join us on this homoeopathic adventure of a lifetime!
Drop us a line at, and Marina Braun, our long term program coordinator will provide you with more information, with prices and further details.



PDP dates & Fees for 2024
In 2024 we offer three opportunities for PDP:
15-26th January
18-29th March
12-23rd August

$2995. including a yoga retreat weekend
$2495. without yoga retreat.

Fees include:
Accommodation at Hahnemann House
Daily transport to outreach clinics
Lunch during weekdays at HHA Centre

Not included:
Visa fees
Internet charges
Transport to and from the airport
Weekly tip for housekeeper $5. per week = 10.000 TZS

Payments can be made by PayPal or by bank transfer. Please let us know your preferred method of payment and we will send you all the needed details. A non-refundable deposit of $350. is
required to secure your place after your application has been accepted. You can also pay in


While the 2- week Professional Development Program is a prime opportunity for you to hone your homoeopathic skills, for HHA it forms 15-20% of our yearly budget. The impact of your visit is significant. We ask all our visitors to fundraise before or after the trip. You can do this via GoFundMe, or something similar. Additionally, we would very much appreciate you becoming a monthly donor for two years. Even $15. per month makes a difference to us! We will send you a separate document with all the details and a PowerPoint for you to use.

For questions contact: