Sustainable Lives Program

A new HHA initiative, ‘Sustainable Lives Program’, empowers Tanzanian women to run independent businesses.

When Tanzanian women have an income, they have food on the table and hope for their, and their children’s future. This has a roll on effect to their health.

All three HHA Tanzanian homoeopaths are financially independent women who support themselves and their families.

This is a rare thing in Tanzania where jobs are scarce.

Tanzania has a high level of widows, orphans and single parents due to HIV AIDS. Without an income, life here is incredibly difficult.

Angel of Recycling

HHA first met Angel in 2010. We were treating her father Romani who had serious ongoing health issues, and was living in poverty.

When we visited Romani every six weeks or so – to replenish his remedies and supply him with food parcels – he was always cheerful despite his illness and living conditions.

Angel – with ongoing health issues of her own – gave up her business in central Tanzania to care for her father, which she continued to do until his death.

When Romani died his two adult children and grandchild were left with few resources.

Angel decided to restart the business she had left behind in central Tanzania,  to provide an income for herself and her daughter.

You see Angel is a recycling genius, who has a great deal of knowledge about the scrap metal business.  She collects scrap copper, brass, aluminum, and other metals, which are readily available in Central Tanzania.

Having known Angel for over twelve years, and witnessing her initiative and drive,  HHA invited her to apply for a micro loan.

Angel and her daughter

Angel presented a thorough business plan, in which she requested one million Tanzanian shillings ($500 USD) as a seed loan to launch her business. She explained how she’ll repay the loan over a six to eight month period, in 200,000 Tanzanian shilling installments, as she buys and sells metals.

The HHA Sustainable Lives Program helps women like Angel, help themselves.

We’ll keep you updated on her progress and share some pictures with you.