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We had a vision to bring Homeopathy to Africa to help local people, and in 2008 we founded Homeopathy for Health in Africa.
We are joined by a growing team, including locally trained homeopaths and volunteers, all of whom have worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality.
Today HHA has 19 clinics, offers basic homeopathic training to remote areas and is helping over 20,000 local people.

Jeremy and Camilla Sherr

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Homeopathy strengthens the immune system

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The Future of Homeopathy

It has been a challenging couple of years – and you’re not alone if you’re wondering what the future of healthcare will look like.  

If you’re someone who uses homeopathy as your preferred health modality, you know preserving it for the future is now more crucial than ever before.

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Thanks to the support of friends like you we’ve achieved so much.
But there is still so much more that we can do.
A little really does go a long way here and we appreciate anything you can give.
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